Friday, October 27, 2006

another supervisor made me fucken hot today. early in the morning. okay not so early la... it was close to 11am already. still, how worse can that get?

told her I couldn't make it to work as I had school at the very last minute. out of foolishness she preached that I should have called earlier to inform her. dah sah aku cakap aku dapat tahu last minute, macam mana nak call siang-siang?

satu kebodohan yang sungguh terserlah!

and please la eh. your language sucks so don't even try to speak with a slang. it makes you sound stupider. tsk.

after all that she was still not satisfied and asked me for some documents as proofs. think I got time to entertain is it? dia fikir apa nak proof-proof ni semua?

anyway, forget about that. after school I travelled all the way to the clinic at hougang to get some medication for my skin. hope these antibiotics work because the last time I was diagnosed with antibiotics, I had developed very bad rashes after a few days of consumption.

after that I went home since my mother told to come home early pasal nak jalan raya. sekali aku balik mak aku semua takde. then got to know that my grandfather just got admitted to the hospital due to respiratory problems. the boyfriend was sweet enough to make his way back to my block to accompany me to the hospital. before taking the bus I was feeling half-hearted about going there because Alexandra hospital is so far away and it was close to 6pm already. but after his advice that visiting my sick grandfather is a good thing afterall, I continued on though I knew he had a hidden motive which was yet to be revealed.

when he finally did reveal, he said that at least he had my company while going home. I knew it! hehe. tapi takpe. every cloud has a silver lining. at the hospital my uncle had given me $15 as extra cash. just at the right time when I feel I'll have a difficult time with the few dollars left. haha!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

first day of raya was, to lack of a better word, good. lots of collection, lots of food, lots of eye candies, etc. hehe. well I didn't go to work eventually. woke up early yesterday to get my MC. my father already warned that I mustn't be working on the first day of raya. anyway, tired to type more, let the pictures speak a thousand words.

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my very cute brother.

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kalau baju hijau, mata pun kena hijau.

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me with the sister.

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the whole family. the two boys really spoil the picture la.

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lain rumah jadi lainlah hairstyle. haha.

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the ladies.

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on the bus.

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merepek vogue pose caught on camera.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'll be working on the first day of raya!

this is too much for someone my age! I'm 17! a part-timer at that!

I don't effing care if majority of the workers are malays and that we malays can't be given an off-day otherwise Singapore will not be eating pizza and kentucky fried chicken for the day.

a liiitle exagerrating but! I have my point. this is really ridiculous! how can I be working on hari raya?!

what a boring night as well. been chatting, surfing the net, ironing and folding a humungous pile of clothing. they say women are great multi-taskers. hehe.

today the boyfriend was critically appraising my figure and said that I look slim. did he just only realise that? sheesh!

and I haven't done my raya preparations. baju dah beli tapi kain takde. I've yet to get matching bag and shoes. I want the contact lens also.

so far only one thing done. the hair and that's it.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

dalam pada saat-saat begini, menghanyut ke alam logamaya adalah perkara paling mulia yang ingin kulakukan.

I guess my workplace was so desperate for workers that they even called me back to resume work while I was making my way home. sheesh!

dah ngantuk, apa lagi. my reply was a quick NO. haha.

actually yesterday Gokila the supervisor already enquired if I could work split shift instead of working till 3pm. have I said before I have been having a big issue with most supervisors from my previous job till now?

while I was breaking fast at work last night, I'd logged out of the system to avoid getting calls while eating. then that fugly Gokila came up to me and this other girl who was also breaking fast.

Fugly: who gave ya'll the permission to log out? I know you are breaking fast but please be considerate. you're eating but the rest are answering calls.

Dela: can't you see we're breaking fast? and we're only taking a few minutes off what.

I had to cut in because the other girl didn't want to talk back and moreover I'm famous at doing the said. after which, I straightaway logged in while she was still blabbering.

Fugly: I'm talking to you! don't log in first!

but I gave a I-couldn't-care-less face and did my own things. she was fuming mad yeah. haha.

tapi darah aku tetap meluap-luap beb.

haiz macam nak MC je besok.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I swear my mind's not at ease.

even as I was praying I couldn't really concentrate. it's really up to Him if my prayers be accepted.

I'm not going to help because that would definitely complicate matters. you are supposed to help yourself, else you will never learn.

I can only pray to God that you won't continue to create trouble for yourself which will affect everyone around you.

please, the next time you promise something, live up to it. otherwise, don't expect me to trust you ever again.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the MRT was as crowded as Geylang during the Ramadhan month. for a moment I was wondering if it's public holiday today. haha.

working for four hours from 11 to 3 is usually fine. today especially. no customer pissed me off except one.

she had requested for any chicken parts except drumsticks but when the delivery arrived, she was presented with four drumsticks. so she called up Pizza Hut/KFC CSC and I was unlucky enough to be answering her call. first I asked if she insisted that no drumsticks be delivered because if she had, then the CS agent who attended to her earlier on would have called up the restaurant itself to confirm with the manager that this certain customer really does not want drumsticks.

by the way she wasn't the one who called the CSC to place the order, it was her daughter. so I told her that maybe the latter didn't insist on not wanting drumsticks. but she snapped back at me pronto saying her daughter did insist and it was not her fault that the delivery included drumsticks. heck, she didn't even stop complaining over the phone to pry into her daughter if she had really insisted. mati-mati tak nak kalah. still wanted the blame to be put on us. anyway, I couldn't be bothered to entertain her anymore so I let the supervisor handle her.

honestly I don't really agree with this "policy" that customers are always right. if customers are not wronged even if they are hell in the wrong, what will become of them? they will step on our head, take the opportunity to request for discounts, free items, etc to sort of make up for their loss. I've handled some customers of this kind before and sometimes they have the audacity to demand something which is worth more than the amount they have lost. this bravery, in my opinion, comes from the so-called rule that we should give in to customers all the time. no wonder Singaporean customers are so fussy, so kiasu and so particular about everything.

besides that, many malay customers called to order today between 11am to 3pm. nampak sah tak puasa la kan. the first caller preferred to go by Mr Ben. mana nye Ben je la. konon nak cover up yang dia tu bukan melayu padahal he was speaking with a malay air and when I asked to hold on a moment, he was talking to his other malay friends in normal malay. suruh deliver kat bawah blok lagi. tsk tsk.

tu takpe. yang lagi satu ada kat Geylang lorong mana entah tapi takde nak sembunyi-sembunyi yang dia tu melayu. terus direct berbual melayu dengan aku. in the background I can hear a guy giggling when the girl was placing her order.

sigh. apa nak jadi dengan orang Islam sekarang.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

I didn't realise how much this post means to him until I asked him this question that night: when did you really start to love me?

and he said it was a few days after we got together. then when I was about to reply him, he said, "but you know what, I really really started to love you when I read your entry dedicated to me."

he continued, "since then, I never doubted your love for me anymore."

I reckon it's true that I don't really show signs of affection physically whenever I'm in a relationship. because I never want to appear as being too smitten and crazy over my guy. that doesn't mean I'm ever crazy over my guys though. at least not with Sha. I love him because he loves me much more than I love him. get it?

okay never mind. I've never had someone who holds my hand like he does. I've never had someone who looks at me like he does. I've never had someone who treats me like he does. and the list goes on.

he likes it whenever I blog about him and he likes it even more when nice things are being said. hehe. unfortunately he can't reach cyberspace as often these days.

heh. just as I wanted to keep my love life as private as possible. this is what I mean by revealing too much information whenever I blog.

on another note, I got my sleeping pills. yay! looking forward to getting a good sleep later.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

I wasn't fasting today so I felt it was okay to curse her alright. as much as I would like to, I just couldn't stand it. she came back after break time with a 7-eleven plastic bag in her hand. shamelessly and voluntarily she took out a piece of chocolate each time, and put it into her mouth. she was very aware there were three other muslim girls in the classroom and all three could clearly see that she was not fasting, that's one, and two, she wasn't respecting the month of Ramadhan.

good enough that she was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans today albeit the intentional exposing of her midriff. maybe I shan't blame her that her t-shirt was freaking tight because she has big breasts. if she had worn skimpy clothes (like she always do), say the usual low-cut shirts which highlight her cleavage, I'd have cursed and sworn her even more because I simply hate the sight of muslims who don't respect this holy month. of course I don't expect all muslim girls to cover their aurat from head to toe because what's the purpose of doing it only during this month? but at least respect as much as you can la.

I am a very observant person during my quiet days and I was terribly quiet today because I was sleeping with eyes open while the lecturer was giving his lecture. so I observed what most people in the class were doing. I swear work and cheebyepookeemekfarkingarsehole customers and a supervisor have shagged me out. but this is what you call customer service. so, I'm being patient while I still can. heh. like what I told Ella, I wanna try to break my record of one week working for Risis. oh work tomorrow morning till night. thank you very much.

on another note, my mother was very happy when I told her the portion of money I'll be giving her when my pay comes in. with a huge smile on her face, she thanked God while saying some prayers on the spot. haha.

and my last note. I love you of all things except one - your work attitude stinks. you think I like to nag is it? you think I have nothing better to do other than mothering you around? but how can I not do that when you keep worrying me? okay and another one, try to listen to people and not just do things your way.

God forgive me, I'm bad-mouthing too many people today.

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