Friday, December 01, 2006

so eventually the essay which is supposed to be due today has been postponed to December 8.


I was disgusted by the lecturer's audacity in telling us that we "can take the essays back to edit and reprint".

and to think I was facing a stark reality of the actual deadline! hah!

to put it in a crude manner, all of us are required to hide behind anonymity (which we've never been told before). at least for the school standard, no names are to be typed on the title page, only student IDs.

don't these lecturers have the courtesy to inform us earlier or what? waste my money and time printing only.

just wasn't my day la. and during lecture, I was very irritated by my runny nose.

but all's not a disadvantage. I got my new schedule already and it states that Friday classes will only start at 2pm. so happy la! can wake up late! hehe.

then after school, went to SGH to pay his father a visit. his exaggeration about the 30 minutes journey from Dhoby Gaut to SGH seemed to work. because I had just thought of taking a nap when I saw the Police Cantonment Complex which means I had to get ready to alight from the bus.

luckily I hadn't fallen unconscious.

after conversing with his father and seeing him through physiotherapy, I began to express empathy. often, we have this misconception that we cannot feel what someone else feels unless we've been through the same situation before.

it must be very hard on someone when one's muscles and joints are rigid because I had just seen how distressing that situation can be to the sufferer, his family, and everyone around him.

on a lighter note, at the ground floor, I was pushing the pram with his sister's baby in it. all eyes were at the baby, and then at me. suddenly they looked puzzled. can't they widen their imagination and assume that I'm a maid or something and that's why we look different?

I guess people would even believe me if I tell them I'm a maid. at the bed beside his father's, there's an Indonesian/Filipina maid taking care of her owner, I presume. I watched her, because I often found her looking at me. perhaps she could be thinking that we have the same status. haha.

anyway, been seeing common faces every other day. I think I'm hallucinating.

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