Saturday, November 18, 2006

finally I can have the luxury of time to catch up on my reading.

the recently ended examination has kept me away from any other books except the one titled Health Psychology. a huge sigh of relief too that I've completed the essay which is due in a week's time. it's always a pleasure to prepare your work in advance.

yet it has crossed my mind that the distinctions I got for my essays or my overall grade do not even matter to you because your perception of what I'm studying now will not change. but I'm persevering because I'm studying for my future, not so much for yours. from now onwards, I am going to use reverse psychology whenever you talk to me about this.

You: your school is for unsuccessful people.
Me: that's exactly what I'm thinking too. I must be unsuccessful and that's the reason why I'm here.

You: now the one who wins the "Cleverest Among Your Relatives" award is so and so.
Me: now that you mention it, I'm not the cleverest anymore and really, I cannot outwin so and so whose points are of polytechnic standard.

BLEARGH. maybe I will puke if I were to say something like the above. nevertheless, I proceed undaunted!

anyway, this book I'm currently reading is very literature-ish. I still manage to read in between the lines although the last time I studied an english literature text was three years ago.

I still prefer sastera melayu though. =)

to distill my reasoning to the purest form, malay is my native language and I realise the importance of getting in touch with my malay roots. in this modernizing world where malay kids are groomed to speak engrish, oops, english at home, bahasa melayu has masked and its value has decreased.

surely we malays sometimes find that it's harder to speak proper malay than to speak proper english, no?

it is in fact harder to say "saya hendak makan" than "I want to eat".

on another note, I'm thinking if I should continue working at CSC or look for other jobs.

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