Monday, November 13, 2006

went to catch two movies for two days consecutively.

on Sunday, the boyfriend and I caught Step Up which is a movie about love and dance. the movie's soundtracks are awesome! while sitting in the cinema, you may just feel like getting up on your feet and dance to the songs. it's that awesome if I may add. don't believe? listen to this.

and for those who have not gone clubbing before, this movie will inspire you to club. haha. it shows you the magic and beauty of dance la. the above song is definitely sexier when accompanied by the dance. it doesn't hurt also that my dear Channing Tatum is superdivinegloriously hot! Jenna Dewan is sooo gorgeous to boot.

at least I have a reason to be jealous over her right?

on Monday we went to the movies again. we watched The Covenant this time round. again, the actors are all so hot. not the actress though. for an ang moh standard, Laura Ramsey is not so hot in my opinion. anyway the actor and actress do affect my decision in choosing a movie. I didn't have an idea what the movie was about then as we were deciding on a not-so-bad movie which was starting as early as we arrived there. it was a little bad afterall. I'd rather go for movies which are more credible than those which showcase supernatural powers.

bored while waiting for him to fetch me, thus the narcissism.

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came late, but still can smile. tsk.

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the end.

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...featuring my alter ego @ 8:41 PM