Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sampai Menutup Mata - Acha Septriasa

the lyrics is too deep and meaningful to me that I did a simple translation for those who do not understand Bahasa Indonesia, or to put it simply, the malay language. anyone with a better version, don't hesitate to enlighten me please.

Dew in the wee morning hours
Spreads the scent of hope
The seconds I count
Is it time I go?

Oh God I love him
Please give me life
I will never hurt him
Punish me when that occurs

I don't easily love somebody
I dont easily confess I'm loving
I don't easily say
I fall in love

My song is just for love
My isolation is just for you
No lies, I swear I'm loving
Till I close my eyes
My love is till I close my eyes

Oh God I love him
Please give me life
I won't hurt him
Punish me when that occurs

(Repeat chorus)

I'm marvelled at how I can listen to a song I like, over and over again without getting sick of it.

moreover, this song kind of reflects how I feel and what I'm like.

it's not easy and I don't usually say "I love you" because to me, it gives a funny formal (?) quality I'm not used to. and my dear one will know that I don't like to be mushy!

as much as you try not to hurt your loves ones, you sometimes do, without you realising it. and if I were to let God punish me whenever I hurt him, I guess I would be dead by now.

hmm. bad example. I'm just too lazy to come up with anything more ornate yet plausible. haha.

anyway, do you see the uncanny resemblance between Irwansyah and Ricardo Kaka? I do! look at the hair, the smile, the physique! similar right? just that I think Kaka is the hotter one though. hehehe.

oh! and Acha resembles Kaka's wife... what's her name? both are teenagers, have the same long hair, their body shape and all that are similar too.

such perfect couples both of them.

to my dear one, till I close my eyes...

...featuring my alter ego @ 7:29 PM