Monday, July 31, 2006

okay one more evidence to prove I'm not too thin.

at this very moment, I am being surrounded by a packet of Chipsmore, a packet of Cheese Balls, a bar of Vanhouten, a large cup of Slurpee and a can of ice lemon tea - all to myself.

I'm in a if-I-don't-make-myself-feel-special-no-one-else-will kind of mood, which explains the amount of junk I'm indulging in.

the folks came back a while ago carrying lots of stuff with them. and my mother bought this gorgeous Pierre Cardin handbag. I'm green-eyed now. haha.

it's confirmed. I've inherited my liking for bags from my mother.

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people have been telling me I'm too thin and I can't deny there is that whoa! feeling inside of me.

I don't get how anyone can say I am thin when my daily activities are sleep-eat-a bit of housework-laptop-sleep, plus school on mondays and thursdays.

I continue to get along that basis without engaging in any form of exercises. so how the hell can I be thin??

maybe I have a fast metabolism rate. maybe too, it's due to the fact that I imbibe lots of plain water that I frequently substitute fizzy or syrup drinks with yes, plain water.

sebab itulah aku selalu kencing lama macam dah tahan 70 hari.

anywaaayyy everyday before I shower I would admire my body in the mirror and the horror! bulging tummy! I wish I can shed these fats and build up a few abs for the phwoar factor. then I'd look like the muscular Keira Knightley. haha. so you see, I am not too thin afterall.

I can't stand not exercising any longer la. I need kakis to go to gym or jog with me. I hate jogging alone especially at the park near my house where matreps usually linger. added the fact that they will kacau you with the wolf-whistlings and what nots, makes me hate jogging at the park even more.

I guess if there's no one to accompany me I might even consider hiring a personal trainer. berbual macam banyak duit gitu. hahahahaha. but think how many girls would kill to have a personal trainer at their disposal? especially since I am the type who swoons over guys with nice bodies, packs, et cetera... I guess I wouldn't help noticing a trainer's throbbing muscles. haha.

wah... long digression there. anyway, yeah the bottomline is I'M NOT TOO THIN.

I eat like a glutton. in fact I don't just eat... I snarf my food. nowadays, I finish my food way faster than my boy friends. hm what more evidence must I give to assure you I'm not thin?

okay this is beside the point. how come water keeps dripping from the air-con? aku dah macam budak belo lap lantai pagi-pagi buta.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

eversince the day Siti Nurhaliza announced her engagement and wedding dates to the public, everyone is getting more stressed up I think. well, I can say that most of the people I'm around with have no other issues to talk about besides this.

and I swear I'm getting really annoyed. it's her life. let her do what she wants la. who are we to decide who she should marry. even her father has given the green light so we are in hell no position to protest and stop her from marrying Datuk K. tapi kalau masih nak mengamuk tu, hentak-hentak kaki sudah. hahaha.

she may be the 2nd best Asian artist but that does not make her a Goddess that we all should worship, right? remember that Allah s.w.t. is our God. He has his reasons for bringing Siti and Datuk K together and maybe the latter is able to provide happiness for Siti. so instead of criticizing Datuk or hating Siti for marrying someone whom you'd never even think of marrying, why don't we pray that she has a blessed matrimony?

imagine how Siti and Datuk K will feel if they were to read those hurtful comments and accusations on Datuk and his children even. goodness, just spare those innocent beings. let them lead their lives. I know Siti is even recognised in the US but originally, she is just like You and Me who wants to have a family of her own.

if you are her true fan, you will be supporting her all the way. you will always wish her the best in life, not to ever bring her down.

as a neutral fan, I will never believe she's marrying Datuk for the money or status even. hell, she's a millionaire herself why would she greed for more? anyway, we all know that she is NOT the type. wonder why God made her rich, beautiful and famous? that's because He believed Siti is able to stay in control above all, even though she has a heavy responsibilty incumbent upon herself as a singer, an idol, et cetera.

anywaaaay, her decision just teaches us not to go for looks even if you are beautiful like heaven. most of the ugly men are good men by the way. and the handsome ones are most of the time such pain-in-the-ass. moreover, I've long concluded that beautiful women are made for ugly men. the reason simply being that these women will feel more secured because ugly men usually will treasure their beautiful wives and the chances of other women trying to hit on their husbands are pretty slim. unless their husband is rich of course.

however, there are also exceptional cases whereby ugly men are not thankful for what they've got. just fuck these people la.

I pray that nothing of this sort will happen to Siti. because the woman rightfully deserves to have the best husband. Amin.

anyway, back to the issue at hand. when Siti was single, you all talk. now that she's getting married also you all talk. so what, you expect her to be single for an obscene length of time just to make sure everyone is pleased with her choice of husband?! where my sudden burst of emotion is coming from, I have no idea, but it seems right to me (albeit the fact that I'm not a Siti fanatic).

alright alright. just to deviate from this seriousness, watch this video but focus more on the song though. entertaining yet repulsive. =P

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I always see no point in disgracing our own malay community even though there are some malays who deserved to be mocked at for their indecent antics.

but I felt that those malay guys have really gone too far. too far that I had had a full-on tantrum.

I was heading towards the MRT when two matreps breezed past me. I didn't want to look at them in the first place but I had no choice other than to notice their effing disgusting face as they spat out an insult.

matreps will always be matreps. they will create mischief and mayhem just to gain your attention. I really pity myself for living in an area that is swarmed by these typicals.

anyway, you must be wondering what exactly they had said that made me overflow with anger for the rest of the day. they were shouting and repeating this across the road: pantat posh! (posh ass!) whatever that means.

you read that. across the road. where the hell is their diginity?! even if they don't respect themselves, respect others for fuck's sake. women especially!

motherfucking bastards. I wonder what do they take women for? we don't like to be seen as sluts. we HATE it if you try to bring us down.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

kalau orang sudah tidak faham bahasa Inggeris, tetapi masih hendak membaca 'blog' lalu menghancurkan mesej sebenar yang ingin disampaikan kepada orang lain, maka orang itu ibarat manusia bodoh yang tidak berfikiran sihat.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the World Cup has not been going my way. linadeh katikati wahwah!

Ceska Republika left after the group stages. Brasil went poof as early as the quarterfinals. this is so unexpected, considering they are 5 times World Champion.

and Germany were defeated today! which means I lost my bet with Max. judi duit tak main eh.


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I was showing Kaka's picture (I have loads of it in my PC by the way) to Feza while saying that he's my boyfriend. that girl actually believed me la! when we were on the way home, she asked how old my boyfriend is and commented that he has hot looks. hahaha. inilah orang-orang yang tak tahu tengok bola. well, I wished it was for real. haha. maybe not too, because I wouldn't want a boyfriend who's too good-looking.

then once I reached home, I saw my brother writing his name on a soccer ball. macam autograph gitu la. haha. so cute!

Aniq got fans arh?

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Monday, July 03, 2006

I was the slackest I ever was today. I had to rush to school with uncombed hair, the slackest cropped pants and t-shirt, and make-up worn anyhow. rupa aku macam badut agaknya tadi. hahaha. although no one laughed at me, I was laughing at myself ok.

alas, I was about 20 minutes late la. I guess the upside of being in a private school is that there is no penalty imposed on latecomers. when I was in JC, I would always be late for 3 days per week at least. cikgu pun tanya aku ok ke tak. I've never realised this before but maybe turning up late frequently is considered abnormal.

oh, I love abnormal psychology! Mr I-can't-recall-his-name-although-I-just-saw-him-a-few-hours-ago was saying that it is abnormal if you were to talk to your parents or teachers the same way you talk to your friends. hmmm parents, yes. teachers, no way. I don't respect teachers whom I dislike. remember Old Virginic Moron? yes, the fucking OVM. for your information, it's not easy for me to forgive and forget. I won't forgive you if you say I can't think because I know I have a lot of smarts.

just a diversion by the way. was walking home with Sheryl after school while puffing away. I love how friends there actually provide cigarettes for me. haha. I've always depended on free cigarettes eversince my mother caught me smoking in my room.

ah ok, I'm off to town. it's been awhile.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I am craving for cheese roti john at the pasar malam.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

it just dawned upon me that I don't usually take the initiative to return whatever stuff I've borrowed to their rightful owners. as long as these people do not ask their belongings to be returned, their possessions will be with me.

to date, there are a few things that I have yet to give back.

  1. Idzuan's VCDs.
  2. Sulaiman's VCDs.
  3. Wani's tote bag.
  4. Nizal's sweater.
  5. Sakinah's CD-ROMs.
  6. BPGHS's Sastera book.
  7. Raihan's CLEO magazine.
  8. Sakinah's rollers.

sigh. I've kept them for a seemingly very long time.

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