Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am folding a pile of clothes at 2.12am (while typing on Blogger). I wonder which sane person will ever do this.

I've been visiting my grandmother so often these few days. I slept at her house for three days straight and I dropped by again when I was hanging around her area that day. I guess I've been doing it so often that a friend actually asked earlier today if I wasn't going to visit her again.

I thought that was a rather cynical remark because maybe his mindset is such that going to your grandparents' is so un-cool and boring.

but I'd rather be labelled as such than be an ungrateful granddaughter who doesn't express gratitude for the woman who brought your mother into this world, and without your mother, what makes you think there'll be YOU?

I'm beginning to reckon that young people nowadays care more about their friends than kinship. a friend of yours may jolly well be a temporary factor of your life but your family will be there for you for an eternity.

anyway, my point is, it'll be so wrong of you if you were to say things about your own grandmother for goodness sake. vide the excerpt below.

Juz viewed dela cruz's photolog...hmmm..first and foremost congrats to cuzzin bro Taufik on his engagement with Hidayah...and here's something to ponder..somehow there's a BIG QUESTION MARK in my head..conflicts is a norm in my familia...many people in a family...prone to have conflicts..yang mana mulut laser...yang mana jeolous...yang mana tak boleh kalah....yang mana anggek....and so on and so forth.....it just happen...and it's happening....why nenek is being biased?why?kenapa bila my family ada apa2 majlis..we must go and invite in order of hierachy?especially si sipolan tu......kena jemput pergi ke rumah satu2..pakai telepon tak pakai? nak buat apa2 mesti nak discuss with everybody...ok to take things easy..on a positive view....nenek wants us to respect others......the rightful way....mengikut adat....alhamdulillah kita masih boleh mendengar kata nenek...tapi kenapa bila apit nak tunang..nobody actually voice out ...when actually semua dah plan..even my closest cuzzin Ana didn't actually tell me.malahan dah pergi meminang.and yes nenek also followed to go meminang and yet keeping it from mama...and mama is the eldest among all and still kept in the dark..so it's that fair?...not being petty or what...but at least have the same respect I and family gave to si sipolan....tunang is a good thing but the reason nenek gave was.."ini amanah orang..." amanah?nak tunang itu amanah?sedangkan itu satu perkara yang baik? kenapa nenek tak boleh nasihatkan si sipolan sama macam mana nenek nasihat kita...if it's amanah why the youngest aunty,Wina already knew first when apit is getting engaged.I actually talked on the phone with Umi and yes she also knew that apit is getting engaged on the 12th of Feb...so if it's amanah,how come so many people already know except my family??

that was a part of an entry taken from my cousin's blog. to view the rest, click here.

in the first place, what is your status that allowed you to consider nenek as biased with no guilt trip? you actually have no clue what is happening in the family so my advice to you is wait till you have the facts before jumping to a conclusion.

you said sipolan's husband was being childish when he started to text you. aren't you being childish too when you tell the whole wide world how corrupted your relatives are? if you think we are going to refute whatever you have said through blogging, you're goddamn wrong. I'm not going to stain my blog by vilifying my own relatives exactly like what you have done. they are not going to voice out their arguments cowardly through typewritten words either.

and don't say now that you were not expecting that from us because you wouldn't have checked out my blog regularly otherwise.

don't you realise that you are the unsatisfied party? from your recent entries, it is blatant that you're the one who's unhappy with the way things are right now. since that is the case, we shouldn't be the ones to meet you.

you said I was irrrational when I told my mother about your entry. for FUCK'S sake, you know that I read your blog yet you had the effrontery to bad-mouth my mother. how did you expect me to keep mum about it?! which daughter wouldn't want to stand up for her mother's right???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

lest you don't know this, I don't need to seek permission from you before I can tell anyone about your blog. I will decide who I want to convey the information to and even so, I'm still in the right frame of mind by telling only those people whose names are being mentioned in your blog.

it does not matter whether you are praising or criticizing your relatives. either way, if someone is being talked about in a person's blog, the former party will still be affected. if you're mad at me for telling our relatives what you have written, it seems that you never wanted them to know what you feel towards them. so I wonder why you blogged about them in the first place.

perhaps you should just stop blogging because it's really a pity you don't know what blogging is all about. a blog is an online diary and anybody in this world is free to read it. there's also a limit to what you can write and if you fail to abide by the law, don't be surprise if you see yourself getting free food and lodging.

let me make this clear. my blog will not be a victim to our family strife. if you are bitter, meet them. they are waiting too. problems can never be solved through the virtual world and it's damn ridiculous of you to assume that all your relatives will get the message imparted in your blog because as it seems, I am the only blogger among them and I am also the only one who has internet connection at home.

so as long as you continue doing your foolish acts, I will keep reiterating this: you're just a gutless, brainless loser.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

some friends asked why I did not join Singapore Idol or any singing competitions for that matter.

I admit that I love to sing eversince I was a little girl. in fact, I can't live everyday without singing or humming a tune at least.

but I've said before that I do not want to make singing a profession. of course on the surface, there is no occupational hazards involved. however, once glitz, fame and glamour set in, there are more hazardous risks to just physical jeopardy.

especially if you think you are someone who easily goes wayward or becomes unconscious of who you originally are once you're popular, then media-related professions should not be your choice.

a clearcut example is this Singaporean artist who is so snobbish I feel like puking when I look at her face. I know she has been groomed and picked by Malaysia's tip-top film producer to act in his serial drama and also a recent hit movie.

but why be arrogant and annoying as if her acting is so excellent it's capable of subjugating her Singaporean counterparts who have not made a name overseas? perhaps when she makes it to Hollywood, or even Bollywood, only then will I be convinced her acting's near superior.

okay sorry for that bit of digression. I don't know why I'm being an emotionally fucked-up wreck these days.

anyway, back to my point. not that I think I will be like the said person if I'm famous. I'm just not going to take risks.

what is media anyway? methinks it is immoral. it sucks people in, chews them up and then spits them out.

which is the reason why Suria organised Anugerah Skrin and TCS 5, Singapore Idol - to replace the old who are no longer commercial, with fresh new faces. vide Siti Nurhaliza. we can't be sure that she will still be popular when she's married or perhaps after donning the tudung. Siti's fanatics, relax. this is just my view.

moving on to Singapore Idol, today's contestants sucked totally. so far I've not seen any Idol hopefuls whose capability is on a par with Taufik Batisah's. maybe it's still early to judge and even Taufik himself wasn't as good during this stage of the competition as he is now.

but it is Taufik's humbleness and modesty that make him stand out. who says you can't remain lowly after winning the Favourite Singapore Artist award? in terms of character traits, he should be a role model to artists like my previous description. haha.

all in all, no singing competitions for me because think of the sequel of being the champ. what fun is there when you're being chased by paparazzis and your every action is being watched by public?

what's more, you have to work hard in order to maintain yourself in the industry. for all I know, I just want to continue keeping a low profile no matter where I am.

besides, you don't have to tell people your singing is good. they will know if it really is. an example is shown in the video below.

okay I chose that because it has the rhythm I like. hehe. enjoy.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

I didn't get to post this entry yesterday because I returned home late at night but anyway, Happy Father's Day to all fathers! to my Dad, although you scare your children when you are angry, there's still the loving side to you. =)

as I was and still am tired, I did a collage instead of the usual uploading of pictures to my photo album. anyway, it's been a long time since I last did the latter and I'm seeing my online album slowly rot. haha. I just hate waiting for pictures to be uploaded la.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

the trip to Ayer Hitam/Batu Pahat was memorable. after we had had our breakfast at Danga Bay, I had to go to the loo. then there was a group of mat malaysia outside the toilet and as I breezed past them, two of them tried to catch my attention whilst saying, "Woohhh.. VOGUE!"

HAHA. me? vogue?? hahaha!!!

besides that, my sister and I had chanced upon one of the "gangsters" who acted in Anak Metropolitan 2 at the Wet World. hmm. I thought not many Singaporeans know about that place but I actually saw some Singaporean families. it's really not that hard to distinguish between Singaporeans and Malaysians from the way we behave and our dressing sense even.

cey... psychology speaking, no?

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I thought the match was a bit of a disappointment because I had expected more goals from the samba boys.

albeit having 6 strikers (not all were official strikers though) moving towards goal, only one managed to find the net. no doubt, it was hard to break the walls of the Croatians and they made it even harder for the Brazilians in the second half. maybe the former team felt that they were undermined and that spurred them on to overpowering the Brazilians. in my opinion, Croatia could have won the match with better finishing.

Kaka was excellent and his goal was one of the best in this competition so far. Ronaldinho showed why he is the best footballer in the world. I was in awe all the time when he dribbled past no less than three opponent players. while most brazilian players deserved praise and credit, I was surprised by Ronaldo's "heaviness" and lack of movement. I definitely would love to see the Ronaldo he used to be.

but at the end of the day, a win is all that matters. and I'm pretty sure Brazil will go on to play Italy in the second round.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

for fuck's sake, I don't care if you're hurt by what I've said.

but it's very insulting that you are using your bike to attract me to go on a date with you.

I'm not a typical malay female who will dawdle around a typical malay male in anticipation of being invited to hop on your bike for pleasure or whatever reasons.

for your information, I would rather go for cars. and no, that does not make me a minah.

anyways, on a totally different note, my first psych essay was graded a distinction. not bad. at least my mother is now more convinced that I can still be the clever girl she expects me to be albeit attending school twice a week for a total of five hours. thank God. those blabberings will stop.

I can't wait for Brasil's opening match!!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

once the World Cup competition commences, the world's attention will automatically be diverted to the world's greatest sport (or so I believe), football.

I for one will again be rooting for the samba kings, Brazil! heh, why not England you may ask, since I am supporting the english Liverpool team. I was bound to watch the english league and support an english team simply because the EPL is most popular in Singapore. cable tv here doesn't even show matches from the brazilian league. the only brazilian team I know is Sao Paulo and that's only after Liverpool played them in the Club World Championship.

anyway, I believe that brazilian football team have produced the most number of skilful players, some of the best in the world. albeit being brought to the world much much later than these legends, Pele, Romario and few others are whom I know of as the greatest and famous in World Cup history.

currently, Brazil have very promising players like Kaka, Ronaldo, Robinho, Adriano and of course the FIFA World Player of the Year himself, who is also my personal favourite footballer besides Steven Gerrard, Ronaldinho. what's more, the samba beat generated and the samba dance displayed are just awesome.

anyway, Sao Paulo beat Liverpool for the World Champions title. hm, see my point?

but no matter what, I am still... a Red through and through. as for now till the World Cup ends... GO BRAZIL!!!

hehe. on another note, I think CHANNING TATUM from She's The Man is superdivinegloriously HOT! the girls in the cinema were oohing and aahing and just couldn't stop swooning over him. I was no exception. hehehe. ooohhhh look at that hot bod!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

I need to get The Shades. I want and I have to.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I was wondering what I would look like with brown hair. so with the wonders of photoshop...

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