Friday, February 17, 2006

people must not perceive that they are hot items solely because they have the looks. people too should avoid calling some stranger a hottie just because he or she has a handsome or pretty face. the reason being that we don't even know if that stranger fits the other two criteria for him or her to be a bona fide hottie.

for that, let me explain the aforementioned criteria. someone who's hot, in my opinion, should possess good looks, the intellect, and talent altogether. it is undeniable that good looks most complements the term "hot". but that's only a superficial view. if I had to call a good looking but bovine person a hottie, I think I'd have goose pimples all over my body. this is because someone who lacks intelligence already makes him or her a lot less hot.

I was watching A Light Affair on TCS 5 a few days ago. Fiona Xie posed this question: which part of a female do you like most? (or something like that because I don't have photographic memory.) the options were bust, brains and booty. all three guys chose the brains because an intelligent woman is so hot. don't argue. that is the truth.

maybe I have a fetish for smart guys or maybe it's just me. sometimes an intelligent person, minus the good looks, is enough for me to regard him or her a hottie. but a good looking person, minus the intelligence, will never attain the "hot" tag from me.

the last criterion, together with the first two, should complete a hottie. talent in whichever areas, be it in performing arts or sports, makes someone admirable. for example, someone with good looks and intellect and who sings or acts well is a real turn on for me. if I need to mention a name, it'd be Khairudin Saharom. most Singaporeans will know the reason why.

firstly, you all have to agree with me that he's attractive! secondly, he's brainy and effectively bilingual too. he received the LKY award (if I'm not wrong) a few years ago and to prove that he's effectively bilingual, he's a part time deejay for a local malay radio plus he hosts some malay and english television programmes too. if there is one local artist whom I'd ask for an autograph, Khai is the one. =)

anyway, back to the topic at hand. I may be writing this with reference to some minahs (a term used for malay female typicals) who have nothing to flaunt other than their looks.

think the entirety of this entry. then decide if you're hot or not.

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