Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm cool working for the company but I'm certainly not cool working with the supervisor and the senior staff, even.

I wouldn't care less the fact that they hold a higher position for this job and they are way older than I am because I repeat in my head the maxim, the one which I always use in times of dealing with people. I won't respect you if you won't do the same.

I might not have left if these women had not been too unbelievable. they are too unpleasant to be true. no wonder I had enough.

I grimaced when I had that tiff with Serene yesterday. she can't speak proper english for heaven's sake, yet she had the effrontery to wrong me and comment about my attitude. sheesh! I wonder how she succeeded in becoming a sales promoter in a place where the high-class english speaking human beings usually visit. she's a supervisor at that! haha.

I've no idea where I'd inherited my temper or ego from but I know myself too well than to flare up for no particular reason. okay, maybe I do that sometimes. then again, it's only a low probability.

sigh. apart from these people who have totally spoiled my first working experience, I won't forget my other colleagues and some of the takashimaya staffs who had made work a lil bit fun and memorable.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

heavenly intervention or otherwise seems to be the tale of the day. it was my off day today which means I didn't have to face the fucking supervisors, I didn't have to wake up so early in the morning, I got longer hours of sleep and I didn't have to put up a false front in front of the customers.

anyway, I have this feeling that serene, my supervisor, is unhappy that the freshies are already earning their commissions. when I told her that I could start my own sales that day, she was in disbelief and called up the manager to ask if it was true. she had made such a hoo-haa out of it and was talking behind my back with the other compatriots. I'm not making this up out of baseless assumptions. neither am I trying to make wild accusations about her. before one of the compatriots left, she patted on my back in a comforting way while saying, "don't worry, they were just joking."

before I could even finish my sentence to ask what were they joking about, she just smiled and walked away. then all of a sudden my colleagues, including the supervisor, became so hardworking and eager to serve customers. cheeeeebyeeee.

the next day, the manager came to check on the workers and looking at serene, he commented, "wah, serene is so busy..."

"yalah, now got competition already what," she replied.

I was near them when they exchanged words and I was like cursing her under my breath sak. all she did before this was just linger around and letting the freshies do the work, knowing that whatever items sold the commissions go to her. motherfucker. and I thought supervisors are supposed to guide the workers, aren't they?

I'll be working 9 days straight till the new years arrives and there's never a day that I won't be facing the so-called supervisors. so that completes my misery.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

thank God the time passed so quickly today. my left feet is a lil bit swollen due to the long hours of standing and speedwalking. I was berated by the supervisor when I pulled out a stool which was hiding behind the cashier and brought it to the front to sit because I was darrrrrrnnnnn tired. I was wearing high heels at that. I never knew that sales persons in department stores are not supposed/allowed to sit when they are working. I'm quite ignorant, I know. anyway, my colleague told me that I'll get used to it soon, if not later.

but I feel that a retail job is still fine la. it's exciting too because takashimaya especially, is where the tourists and foreigners usually shop. I get to serve cute, gorgeous caucasion lads who will make you swoon. haha. even if there aren't any for the day, the local sales men can be of a replacement. hahahaha. there is this 25 years old malay guy from the booth beside risis who's been flirting with me eversince my first day. haha. he's damn funny la. then there's another malay guy who's quite good looking but just lacks the height who's been asking the guy aforementioned for my name and what not. haha. he will watch when I walk, and ask if I'm going home already when I enter the store room. quite psychotic but at least not as much as this other guy who stares at you with glimmering eyes and wants to talk to you but he just doesn't have the guts. now that's scary.

okay, I'm really worn out. can't wait for my off day on thursday. can't wait to have my own promotion counter as well.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

the feeling that Peter Crouch will score goals whenever I'm not watching him play is coming to me. when Crouch bagged in his first goal against Wigan Athletic, I wasn't watching the match because I was in town. I did rush home after getting the phonecall from my uncle who said that CROUCH had scored to put Liverpool on the lead. I was a wee bit frustrated since I'd been waiting so long for him to score but alas, I didn't even get to see his first goal for Liverpool. a few minutes later, I received another call from my dad, and this time round, he was shouting in excitement that Crouch had scored another goal. ultimately when I reached home, I had learnt that the first goal was an own goal by Wigan's keeper although I believed it deserved to be given to Crouch after watching it on telly myself.

earlier today, Liverpool were playing Costa Rican side, Deportivo Saprissa, in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Championship. I had missed this match but before I went out, I had reminded my sis to update me over the phone after every 15 mins since the match starts. even before the first 15 mins was up, she had called me to inform that CROUCH had scored. then about 30mins later, Stevie G scored to make it 2-0 for Liverpool. I was so proud of my team and was chanting the L-I-V song right from where I was standing. hahaha. love that song la...and of course the rest of the Liverpool songs too. my sentiment that Crouch will score when I'm not watching is confirmed when he found the back of the net again in the 2nd half.

final score: Deportivo Saprissa 0 - 3 Liverpool

wee! just one more match before the Reds are crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS. I truly believe my beloved Reds should be able to beat Sao Paulo in the finals as they seem unbeatable at the moment. hehe. no other teams would be able to say that they are better than Liverpool then. hehehe. =)

enough of football talk because I have another reason to be happy today. hehehe. my dad had bought me an IXUS!! but I still have to pay him about half the price when my pay comes in la. anyhow, it's been some time since I last fiddled my time away with a camera. hehe.

okay, thank you. I'm gonna kacau-kacau the camera. think the battery should be about full now.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I was damn bored yesterday that I thought I'd been struck down with fever. today was better though. sak and I first dropped by Ngee Ann City for that job interview. really, really hope the manager will take me in la. I do not wish to get sick everytime I rot at home, you know.

I fumbled initially because I didn't realise there were two sides to the application form. so I was seeing the interviewer twice since I had to go back to the waiting area again to fill in the other side. malu sak. anyway here's an account of part of the interview.

interviewer: why do you want a sales job rather than F & B since you have no working experience?

what, you mean I don't have to have any experiences if I had gone for F & B?

me: well... I don't have confidence in carrying trays while balancing the load since my palms occasionally get sweaty. *laughed*

she finally laughed after feigning seriousness.

interviewer: okay... what would you do if you had to handle a nasty customer?

me: I will still attend to her nicely and be patient.

but I don't think that'll be the case la. hahaha. I know myself too well than to communicate with someone not in my favour. it's true, really. sakinah and I had gone in to most Body Shop outlets that we came across for I wanted to ask for the job application form. but just at the sight of minahs, I stepped back. I did go up to one of them at the outlet in raffles city though. she could have at least replied nicely but no... putting on a conceited/snobbish/attitude look, she echoed.

"No. I don't have the form." I left without a word. not even a thank you. I don't see the reason why I should react postively anyway.

I think I have to agree with my cousin, dillah, who recently concluded that Body Shop outlets are fast being occupied my minah-minah yang tidak beretika.

after that we went to eat at suntec's KFC. I don't know why as of late, I always can't seem to finish up my food. like yesterday, even though my mom had cooked chicken rice, I only ate half the portion of what was served. today, my mom had cooked my favourite sweet and sour fish but it too didn't build up my appetite. and it doesn't help that my stomach didn't feel good the whole day.

oh and I learnt from sak that the waiter whom I met during prom night is a chinese. hehe. my sentiments too. if he isn't a malay, then he's a chinese. likewise if he isn't a chinese, then he should be a malay. haha.

there's also this caller who has called me thrice on my handphone, but always at the wrong time. the first and second time that the caller called, I was in the movies. I didn't get to pick up the third call because the mp3 player was blasted to its maximum volume and so I couldn't hear my phone ringing. I'm just afraid the call might be from some employer la.

don't know if I should hit the hay now and wake up in a few hour's time or I should just stay up till the match between Chelsea and Liverpool commences. bring on the Blues!!

actually I'm wondering if anyone's still reading up to this line. haha.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

prom night was great. raffles town club was a sea of beautiful and handsome faces - from the ex-students of BPGHS to the waiters, doormen and the officials. hehe. one of the waiters was really cute though. you know, the kind that turns head, melts knees and knots guts. okay maybe that's a bit overstated. hehe.

food was okay, but I could do with more. the disco was a bit of a crap. what's the use of a deejay when all he does is press play or forward. the songs were not even of the latest hits at that and the lucky draw... what, only 15 draws? I thought that maybe a karaoke session could be included too so that those who are not so lucky in the lucky draw e.g. myself, could at least try their luck by singing. I really envy those who won vouchers from topshop, harvey norman and on top of all, zen vision courtesy of creative technology.

meanwhile, these are some pictures taken on that night.

nizal was trying to get into the limelight.

I guess he wasn't too happy with the already wet shirt. haha.

he made me feel so short.

the special bond we had forged in 4 years.

my math was good with her around.

pimp daddy!

with the man from the mafia crew.

the Fadil(l)ahs of the school. =)

the rest of the pictures are located here.

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