Sunday, November 27, 2005

as I witness people from all walks of life, I begin to revel in my view of how people use, or rather, misuse languages.

kalau hendak berbahasa inggeris, berbahasalah dengan baik. saya tidak akan berasa terpegun atau kagum apabila anda menggunakan bahasa inggeris dalam perbualan anda kerana saya tahu penggunaannya salah sama sekali. apalah gunanya jika anda cuba menunjuk-nunjuk di depan orang bahawa anda seorang "english speaker" walhal kosa kata anda terhad, penyusunan kata-kata anda bercelaru dan penyebutan perkataan-perkataan inggeris itu salah.

saya bukan ingin mengutuk atau apa-apa yang sewaktu dengannya tetapi saya rasa apa-apa bahasa pun yang kita gunakan, kita harus menggunakannya dengan baik.

selain itu, saya juga berpendapat bahawa bahasa yang kita gunakan juga harus tepat pada tempatnya. contohnya, dengan siapa kita bertutur dan di mana kita bertutur sangatlah penting. adakah kita berbahasa inggeris dengan nenek atau datuk kita sedangkan kita sedar mereka tidak berapa faham dengan bahasa asing itu? perlukah kita menunjuk-nunjuk di hadapan orang tua kita sendiri? kononnya budak-budak zaman sekarang tidak fasih berbahasa melayu. kononnya budak-budak zaman sekarang hanya tahu berbahasa inggeris. kita mengagung-agungkan barat dan bahasa sendiri kita asingkan. adakah itu yang sewajarnya?

satu lagi contoh ialah apabila kita berada di majlis-majlis yang menggambarkan keislaman, di mana perginya bahasa melayu? memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa bahasa inggeris itu bersifat syumul dan universal dan lebih selesa digunakan dalam sesebuah majlis yang dihadiri oleh orang-orang daripada pelbagai kaum. namun, saya tetap berfikiran bahawa bahasa melayu masih dapat diselitkan, bukan?

I'm a language lover. I don't like languages to be abused. it's not wrong to enhance your self by using the english language. but as we improve ourselves, we should not forget our own ethnic language. do you think you do well enough in your english exams even if you speak english all the time? by that, I do not mean speaking good english. quoting from my former english teacher, "you can speak but you may not write. alternatively, you can write but you may not speak."

furthermore, it is the language that differentiates us from the other ethnic groups isn't it?

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

went to bishan just now to see the dress which wani has been eyeing. it was in actuality very pretty. I tried it on but the cloth was kind of opaque and if I were to buy it for prom night, I'd have to wear pants underneath. finally put it back and accompanied wani buy her sandals.

cruised around town later. went back to good ol' Far East Plaza when in fact, I had been there just a day ago. brought dillah to the salon where I highlighted my hair. she highlighted hers too. yayness to the Golden Villagers (?)

left her there and then wani, me and my sis went in search of my prom dress. I finally bought a sassy, saucy, spicy black dress! haha. looked out for some accessories too. at the end of the day, I still thought that I had some more things to buy.

on another note, it was the release of the PSLE results today. I sensed the disappointment in my sister but I am sure that she had done her very best. though targets were not met, I am proud of her for having the determination to top her class. and she did just that. her results may not be so good as compared to my PSLE results but sis, read this:

as the first child in the family, I had received the most care and attention from our parents. on top of that, I was given the privilege of tuition. our parents, especially mom, always made sure that I was properly educated. four years later, you were born. I knew mom was already tired out. you may not receive equal amount of attention from her but I am glad you were determined to work on your own. you should feel blessed that your results reflect your own effort and not from the aid of tuition, etc. since I had tuition in primary school, the pressure to do well in exams was infinitely larger. I wouldn't want dad's money to go to waste just like that. I had to repay him and soaring in the exams was all I could afford to do. please don't give up. you still have the bigger exams coming up. I challenge you to perform better than me in the 'O' levels. right now, which school you go to doesn't even matter. it is you who determine how the school will be, not the school which determines who you will be.

one final note. to my cousin who will be married later today, I know you're busy with the preparations and may not have time to read this. just want to wish you all the best in entering a new chapter of life and may your marriage last forever.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm in love with Hrithik Roshan again! hehe. love his charm lah and especially those green eyes... definitely one bollywood hero who is worth swooning over.

having a headache now. it's been lightyears since I last cried whilst watching a Hindi movie. hehe.

from today, I swear never to watch a hindi movie with my sis ever again. her sighings and the tsks that came out from her mouth whenever the singing and dancing scenes appeared annoyed me.

I mean, that's what makes hindi movies different from the others right? needless to say that even if there are singing plus dancing scenes (like the one where the guy and the girl will roll down a hill side by side or in any other positions) in malay movies, they are all from the influence of bollywood.

back to my point now. maybe one has to sacrifice longer hours in the cinema if he/she chooses to watch a hindi movie over other movies. they wouldn't mind that because the singing and dancing parts are beautiful whaattt...

so stop sighing and shaking your head lah sister.

by the way, I've promised her that should her PSLE results meet her target, I will belanja her a movie.

don't worry. it won't be from bollywood.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

and so I can't stop my fingers (just one finger actually) from switching on the computer. deceiving myself about leaving blogger till after exams are over is seemingly too much to handle.

because while I'm busy preparing for the exams, I am also bogged down by events that happen around me.

mom got worked up that day because my bro was posted to an uncoveted stream. she had hidden all the gaming devices in the spur of the moment and it was all about lectures after lectures for the rest of the day. then again, I think that my bro is at fault too. no one can help him if he refuses to help himself right?

I only wish that he will one day become a paragon of virtue and stop worrying everyone in the family.

on a happy note, the 'O' levels have been fine for me. alhamdulillah. it will be my last paper next friday and after which, it's all about getting ready for my cousin's va-va-voom wedding ceremony that will be held in a matter of days. the hair! the hair! I think that it's the first time in my life that I'm attending the wedding of two couples.

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