Friday, October 21, 2005

it's Graduation Day today, and I didn't turn up for school. you know, I'd rather opt for not turning up at all than be caught late and then be labelled as the only secondary 4 express student who makes trouble up till now and then be snarled in your face with the very commonplace I-will-not-write-you-a-testimonial. BAH. what an amusing school.

I think that during my 4 years spent in BPGHS, I was only offered with a pathetically few memorable events in a timeline of ordinariness. I was a student who was apathetic, yes, but I was not too enthusiastic at the same time. occassionally (is this spelt correctly?), school was nothing to me but a daily grind of fruitless homework and boring lessons. contrary to what I believed was my forte back in the primary school days, math seemed far from what I was interested in in secondary school. I'd either managed to get a mere pass, if not fail, in my Emath exams. maybe it was not the lack of interest but more to the lack of practice.

the addition of Amath to my series of subjects had made things worse. I could never understand how learning logarithms would enhance the quality of my life. I remember it was the first topic which I found difficult in that super thick book. and that topic was not the first and the last. so it was kind of expected that I dropped Amath after the prelims. anyway, an additional math was ludicrous when I did not even succeed in passing elementary math.

up till now, I've been asking myself why I took up physics as one of my science subject because I'd always done better in biology during sec 1 and 2. maybe I was influenced by my chemistry teacher who said that physics would offer more flexibility than biology. hmm.. I didn't do too well in physics but hey, I should not be blamed for my pitiful grades. I could never understand too, how learning the workings of a transformer or what would make me a more scintillating person. hahaha.

on that note, this entry will hopefully be the last before O levels kick off. wish me all the best and all the luck in the world.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

what's with Chelsea "supporters" suddenly surfacing eh?

and they are people who used to support other clubs which are seemingly not doing as well as they were lightyears ago eg Arsenal, Newcastle, Real Madrid, etc.

so now you see what the open and close inverted commas are for. I'm very sure that once the Roman empire falls, and Chelsea fall too, all the fans will go back to supporting their good ol' clubs.

I'm definitely not generalising. my cousin brother who used to be a very avid fan of Liverpool had turned to Chelsea but that was way before Liverpool won the Champions League and their losing run had still not ended yet. another scenario is a Chelsea supporter who has suddenly become big headed in front of a Liverpool supporter like me, all the time boasting about "I'm supporting the best team in the world!" bullshit.

Chelsea will not be where they are now without Abramovich, I tell you. so what, other teams should beg Bill Gates to buy them so as to be better than Chelsea?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

it's like the satisfaction that you get when you do something by yourself and then see the result at the end of it all. my room has totally been refurnished - from the colour of the walls to the new furnitures being brought in here. except for my bed which still sits at its current location, everything else has been moved.

and yeah, it was all due to my hard work. haha.

on another note, monday apparently marked the last day of my secondary school life. yipee! wait, I shan't scream so long as the 'o' levels are not over yet.

actually the revamping of my room serves for another purpose lah. a cleaner environment makes a more conducive area for learning right? hopefully it'll also get me to study in a brighter mood because LFC is what I love. that is kind of cliche I guess? heh.

hmmm.. it's 12.30 in the morning. I had thought of mugging till about 2 but I don't know, maybe I'll end even earlier lest I develop panda eyes.

I love my baju kebaya. too bad that I'll only be raya-ing after the second week.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I very much hate it when things don't go my way. I knew it was useless to cry, but I cried a little anyway. sometimes I feel I'm being selfish because I usually choose not to blame myself when things go totally wrong. I know I've erred a lot in my 16 years of living and apologising to make up for my mistakes itself does not suffice. the fact that I only apologise for my everyday wrongdoings on the first day of Hari Raya is futile isn't it? how can my sins simply be washed away in a day?

God, to you I say my prayers. please let my faith be strong.

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