Thursday, March 31, 2005

I realised how wrong I was to neglect my Nokia earpiece eversince the MP3 player came into my life. now that my friend has borrowed it, I've no other sources of music when I'm on the go since my discman was also lent to someone.

I didn't attend school today because...I didn't want to. (hah! boleh gitu! eh, apasal pulak tak boleh?)

so I met fad and niz (who also weren't in school) at bugis to follow them for a last minute shopping. uh, they already left for KL about a few hours ago. before I parted with them to meet my outside friend, niz said that I looked as if I wanted to cry.

did I, really? heh I'm so emotional.

I've always thought that there used to be little homework for malay. but eversince maimoon started teaching us this year, malay homework was inevitable. that reminds me of the karangan I need to show her tomorrow. it's gonna be my bedtime in a few hours and I still haven't started on it. there's also the chemistry worksheet to boot.

not that I don't like doing malay homework but I feel that I need to concentrate more on other subjects.

I remember not studying for malay 'O' levels paper I took last year but still ended up getting an A1. I'm not being proud here but...do you see the point? I might as well do my homework for the other subjects which I'm way weaker in.

afterall I've been completing my malay homework for the sake of not hearing maimoon's high pitched and worthy-of-permanent-ear-damage castigation. oh God, I'm so mean!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

there used to be so much things to do online, so much that I spent more hours on the net than on books.

my time at home was therefore wasted due to blogging, friendster, msn, online games and music piracy to name a few. I'm glad things have changed now. even after I've switched on the pc, I wouldn't know what to do with it. eventually I end up switching to books...

...which I am supposed to be doing since long time ago.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

some of my presents this year...

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

you can't run away even if you were to hide somewhere in malaysia. haha.

I'm actually back from a shopping cum movie cum eating spree in JB. decided to follow sak and her mom cos I'd have to go to my relative's if I hadn't. it was fun and I've not taken the bus there for ages. so dad gave me 100 sing dollars. haha. I didn't even think he would give a 50 at first.

bought for myself a capri pants, belt and some karaoke vcds. couldn't help it lah. singapore sucks at retailing karaoke vcds which are of good quality, at least for the malay ones. the other day when I bought one at marsiling, the cover read "best sound quality" but when I tested it out at home, I'd have to say that even I sound better than the counterfeit.

oh and I met 2 of the most interesting people there. first was this guy that I got to know in the bus last year. I think after a week or two, he had asked me out and borrowed money from me at the same time. tak lah banyak, $2 je. hehe. then he said he'd contact me again to return the money. few weeks passed but there was no news of him. anyway I'm the kind who waits for people to SMS or call me. selagi tu aku buat bodoh je. but out of curiousity, to know if he was still alive or already dead, I took the initiative and sms him instead. it went as such:

hey. long time never hear from you.
erm... u are?
uh don't you remember?

then there was this shit about oh-I-mixed-you-up-with-another-friend-of-mine-with-the-same-name. WHATEVER. conversation ended there and after months had passed, I saw him again today while doing the shopping. oh so he's working there. how wouldn't I have not noticed him when he was looking at me like some idiot whenever we passed by the shop? I thought I would have gone up to him if sak's mom and her aunt weren't there. not to ask for my money I guess? perhaps just a friendly approach. aku tak lah macam ex aku. I had asked him for a breakup right after we had had our lunch. dengan pastasnya dia suruh aku bayar balik duit makan. SHEESH! macam budak-budak kan? memang patut pun aku minta break. heh.

now the other interesting person. haha. my so-called ex also lah. this was 3 years back I think. after I parted with the rest, I made my way alone to woodlands centre. at that time I had chanced upon him and we were walking side by side on the opposite way. he stared at me and I did the same. I can't recall his name and I don't think he remembers mine either. that's because my relationship with him only lasted for a night. haha. in this case, I got my retribution.

so the moral of the story is
  1. not to run away if you're in debt.
  2. treat people with self-respect and humility.
  3. always do good to others.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

a few months ago when I beheld couples before me, I thought that the male companions must have chosen the female counterparts not based on their appearance. like what I'd seen, most of the attractive men were with a less attractive (ugly is too strong a word) partner and I realised that this practice went on for some time. now I'm beginning to conclude again that Muslim men as of late, go for women who don the tudung or headscarf regardless of whether they're attractive or not.

not that I wish to comment on anything but I wonder why there is a trend shown even when it comes to male-female relationships. before I continue, I'm not sure if I'm right on these judgements but one thing, I made them not out of baseless assumptions. go out and see for yourself if you're not convinced enough. hehe.

I'm not saying that all the male counterparts are following somewhat this trend but maybe, just maybe, some are actually influenced by what they see of the couples around them. in my opinion, relationships should not form after trends. they are no Von Dutch where one rushes to buy after seeing that most people have already owned it.

sigh. I wonder if this kind will last long.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

wow. even my mom asked if I'm alright.

last week I accidentally went into the men's toilet and then asked myself, "since when are there such urinals in the ladies'?" luckily there was no one inside or I'd be so embarrassed. today, an accident happened again. early in the morning I was frantically searching for my PE shirt whilst making sure that I wouldn't be late for school. I finally gave up searching and asked Sakinah to bring an extra one.

like any other PE days, I'd unbutton my blouse and go straight for PE lesson. so what happened this morning was that I unbuttoned my blouse as usual without remembering that I didn't have my PE shirt inside! so yeah, ya'll guessed what happened. luckily still, the people in front of me were girls and the most shocked one has to be Fad cos she was talking to me when that shit happened. can't believe I made a fool out of myself yet again. at other times, I'd wear my shirt inside out or wear my shorts with the school name at the back. sheesh.

what the devil's happening to me?? stress, maybe.

oh yah, tomorrow's the Bahas audition and I'm supposed to be doing my research now. or maybe not. I don't wish to be selected. what I wished is that I'd stone in front of the people tomorrow and perform as bad as I can but obviously, I won't be able to do that.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I remembered that my used-to-be-best friend liked to look down on this particular ex-classmate of mine. my best friend, my close friend and eventually myself, frequently complained to our then form teacher that this particular ex-classmate of mine always cheat during tests or exams (she really did it anyway). I can't really recall if my teacher did something about it. nevertheless I thought: if she really loves to cheat during tests and exams, let's see if she can do the same for the PSLE?

when the PSLE results were finally out, her aggregate score turned out to be 246, only one less than mine. ironically my best friend who'd been looking down on her and who'd never copied during exams and who had been performing equally as well as my ex-classmate when she cheated, did worse. her tee score was only 238. my close friend got the same score as this particular ex-classmate of mine and they're now in the same school.

perhaps she had not been cheating afterall but if she did, perhaps she must have studied real hard for that major exam. or perhaps me and the two girls were just making baseless assumptions. oh God, if this is really the case, pardon me! ok I'm not so sure of what I'm trying to point out here but perhaps miracles do happen, yeah? and like what I've learnt from malay literature studies, "never talk about other's bad points; God will know if a person errs and he/she will get a karmic retribution for his/her actions."

if you readers understand what's my motive in posting this entry, well kudos...because I don't.

ok sorry, I lied in the last three words of my penultimate sentence.

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