Thursday, January 27, 2005

it's so freaking hot outside. I can't even feel the cold air albeit setting the air-con to 18 degrees celsius.

only few hours of sleep last night. scratched, scratched and scratched my body (although I'm not supposed to). it's so ironic that the pills didn't make me fall asleep, which only proves to me that I'd have to get the jab sooner or later. I can't have anymore nights like last night. why can't Singapore have a climate like that of the US? it feels like my body is fighting a war against heat rays; in response to pain like being pierced by needles everywhere. ouch. feel it.

so my inner monologue was constantly begging me to please, please just fall asleep (but to no avail). I even disturbed kiki late at night just to complain that the itch was bugging me so much. she accompanied me till the early morning. hey, thanks aye. =)

of course I ended up being so sleepy in school. well, not much homework to catch up on I guess. or is it just me who can't be bothered to know what I'm lagging behind? haha. I don't know. what I know is that,

I screwed up the Physics test. thanks to not revising, thanks to not paying full attention during lessons, thanks to not being in school for 2 days and last but not least, thanks to the skin irritation. ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr. I so hate life now.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'll be having an off day again. yay? I already missed an hour of physics today and I'm gonna miss another tomorrow. and the test is being held on the day I return to school. what the fish. and I don't even understand what's going on. sheesh. to think that I could still worry about school huh? bleargh.

anyways, I don't have the slightest idea how the rashes came about and this is my first suffering from a form of allergy. the funniest thing is, even the doctor doesn't know the cause behind it all. he even went wah a lot arh? haha. yesterday the rashes only occupied my whole back, shoulders and my underarm. today it had spread to the front, mainly at the top part and it's building up on my forearm. mom was worried when she saw that and had asked me to see the doctor again (a different doctor this time round). within 5 days, if the rashes still deteriorate, I'd have to be given a jab. shit.

argh. these pills are making me feel like a useless bum. they think they can prevent me from scratching myself when I doze off? what hell. so much for thinking that I can have a more beautiful sleep since I'm not schooling. bleargh.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

sigh. I really hope the 3 days trip to KL won't be cancelled man. yesternight my folks came back from my cousin's only to be mad at me and sis. the reason? we didn't tidy up the house. full stop. then dad started to threaten us that there'll be no holiday trip whatsoever. ggrrr. he didn't know I was falling sick and that's part of the reason why I didn't follow my family to my cousin's engagement ceremony. whatever lah.

ggrrr. I'm itching to get my fingers working on the camera and snap up God's beautiful creations. uh...please don't let it be cancelled!! I really wanna go!! arghhh.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

you don't have to plead me to get back to you. you don't have to ask for the reason why I won't. I live by my words. you don't have to wait if you think you can't. I'm not like the most sought-after cum the typical girl boys want afterall. like I said, I won't engage in any form of relationships till I'm...19 at most. nah I'm not kidding. perhaps during my last year of poly or after I've graduated with a diploma cert. only then will I be serious about this matter.

talking about poly, me and gang had gone to the NYP open house yesterday. the plan was like this: we will meet at Admiralty MRT and head to NYP together. After which, we'll go to NP. I woke up late that morning so the 3 girls were stuck at Lot 1 whilst waiting for me. haha. sorry arh. so we agreed to meet 1/2 an hour later at the same place. but they left without me as they thought I had gone into the train when they arrived at the station. in fact I was still making my way to the MRT station. I SMSed them earlier to get out of the train first cos I wouldn't reach in time. only when kiki said she didn't receive my msg did I realise I had sent it to her house instead! dumbarse. haha. this is the result of trying to punch in the right keys while walking hastily yea?

yada yada. we were about to leave the auditorium when one of the students held us back and asked if he could show us around the school. he insisted, so yeah we just tagged along. erm...NYP, it's almost like a hospital wherever you go. no wonder most of my friends said that it's a boring school. some will go like, NYP? gggrrrr. spare me. hee yeah, whatever arh. I think students nowadays don't only look for schools that are ideal for studying but to have fun as well yah? well they ought to actually cos it's where they spend most of their time. then we had lunch at the school's mac and watched some dance performance before going off.

by then kiki told us that she wouldn't have the time to go NP next as she was meeting up with her mom. in the train, rai said she had to go out with her family. so left with fad and myself, and nizal who was supposedly joining us later. he thought it was SP and not NP. so we were thinking if we should still continue with the plan. at last, fad and I decided to give shopping at CP instead. hmm a while later she left to meet nizal. they were going to PS I think, but I was too lazy to travel arh. so I just bought my stuffs and went home. alone. I wanted so much to buy this belt at Giordano but I didn't bring enough cash. so once I reached home, I took the money and was off to CP again. haha. bought the belt, some accessories and looked around for nice shoes. there was not even one that attracted me. well...that kind of helped me to save cost. heh.

at about 1900 hours, I was at home again. mom, dad and bro weren't back yet.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sheesh. The previous post I wrote just went poof. I'm an angry woman now.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

And yesterday night was when I felt most proud of being a Singaporean. Heh. =)

And I'm trying to sit firm on the chair and start revising for tomorrow's test. But lotsa other things are seemingly overpowering my will to study. Urgh. Am already sick of maths. I'm so not gonna indulge in any form of maths in the future. Yea right. As if.

And know what, I'm not gonna miss BP when I graduate. Never.

And I hate my bangs as how it is now. I kept polishing it in school today and eventually I was back to square one (the usual pinning it up).

And I went out of my room a few minutes ago to note that everyone's left the house, leaving me all alone here. Erm well, even if they're at home, as if I give two hoots about their presence. Sheesh.

And I'm getting sick of Kazaa planting fakes to make file-sharing such a pain in the ass. Yea yea. I know I'm supposed to take the hardened steel lock off my wallet and buy the CD right?

And realise that my sentences all start with 'and'. As if that's the amusement of the day huh. Bleargh.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Uh. New hairstyle. Or fringestyle to be precise. It's a factor of image. Yada yada.

Amaciam? Ade rupe geek tak? Hahahahaha!!

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Wow makin rajin pulak aku update blog. Haha. What crap. Anyway today was kind of mundane. Started school with PE lesson. We ran 1 round outside school. Semangat... NAPFA is in mid April tapi siang2 dah start practice. Haha. After that we went back to the cabin. It stank like hell. How dumb can one get huh. Wee Sin had sprayed the insecticide 5 times (as what he confessed) just because there were a number of mosquitoes or flies or insects flying round the cabin this morning. Must be due to the open windows I guess. Then again, he didnt have to do that, right.

Yada yada. Today also was the health checkup. Wee!~! My height has increased by 2cm but my weight remains the same. Heh. After checking our eyesight and all, waited outside for the next checkup which was the checking of blood pressure. When it was finally my turn, I sat calmly on the chair whilst the nurse wrapped my arm with the whatever the thing is called. Haha. At that time a few other nurses were surrounding me also. I guess they had nothing else to do arh.

Suddenly when the thing was squeezing my arm, one of them had actually touched my eyelashes! I was like, what the hell is she tryna do? Haha. Then she claimed that I have long eyelashes. And so I started laughing. And then the nurse who was wrapping my arm said, you dont touch2 ppl's daughter lah! I dare you to touch my daughter's eyelashes!

What the heck, i thought. And so I laughed even more. When the thing was already over, my blood pressure was 130++. Haha. The nurse said that was due to my excitement. Wth. So I had to retake the test arh. And the actual measurement was 119. Haha.

The next station was health counselling. Everything said about me was positive. Haha. Bangge sak. She said my eyesight is very good...with the contact lenses on that is. Haha. Whatever.

I'm out.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Alright I didn't attend school today. *hides my face in shame* I kinda spent my "free" time reading back my opendiary.com entries. And I arrived to the conclusion that they were almost all depressing, mainly containing school stuffs and that I cared seriously too much about boys then. So now I understand why someone used to say that he loved reading my online diary; cos he got to let his imagination take place and drown himself in the schooling days. How weird. Even I despise thinking about school.With the exception of friends, joy, and laughter, who the devil would wanna think about those examination periods where you do nothing but stress yourself out? Ggrrr.

But there were some pretty amusing entries that I came across arh. Like this one. Haha. Am I that bad of a biker? Haha. It's been a while since I went cycling. I wanna cycle. Maybe at the beach. I wanna go to the beach. I miss the sea. Although recently it has shown to be violent, with power so terrific, energy so abundant and fury so wantonly destructive, lets just put everything behind us and pray for a better future. Perhaps God has His reason for making this happen. Perhaps He's giving us the opportunity to reflect on our wrongdoings that perhaps make him angry? Perhaps, perhaps...

I digressed. There was so much that I wanna talk about but ive forgotten everything now. Haha. Baru 15 tahun. Sheesh. It might be worse in the future. Bleargh. Ok ok. *patting my head to try recalling what I wanna blogged about* Ok tadah!~

I can't remember.

As a replacement, read this up. Thanks to my opendiary that I found this poem back. It's from the movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta...

Kulari ke hutan kemudian teriakku. Kulari ke pantai kemudian menyanyiku. Sepi... Sepi dan sendiri aku benci. Aku mau bingar... Aku mau di pasar. Bosan aku dengan penat dah enyah saja kau pekat. Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri... Pecahkan saja gelasnya biar ramai... Biar mengaduh sampai gaduh... Aih... Ada malaikat menyulam. Jaring laba-laba belang di tembok. Keratan putih. Kenapa tak goyangkan saja... Locengnya. Biar terdera. Atau aku harus lari ke pantai. Belok ke hutan.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

hey red would be a nice colour wouldnt it? haha. i was browsing through my cuzzie's wedding album when my auntie suddenly blurted out: the pink is nice! (referring to the colour of the pelamin or podium. and then she asked me what colour would mine be when come my turn to get married. ahaks. and i thought of red! yeah. its my all time favourite colour. but in any case, have you ever seen a red theme for wedding decorations before? maybe rare. and maybe it looks glaring or "fierce", some may say. hey it's not wrong to conceive sometimes yeah. haha.

and i thought i looked kinda good, if not great in the photos. despite me being tired and all on that day, i managed to put on that smile. dang~ should have taken more pics aye. but heck i was busy kendarat-ing or at least acted busy. haha. gosh scratch that. i sounded so self-absorbed, which is honestly not the way i am. haha.

okay... was watching troy just now. and i watched it in the living room. and i forgot about the vcd being a pirated one and so has not been censored. so this simply means that my mum and siblings have seen those scenes. and i had to "eh fast forward, fast forward!" for so many times. it's funny when you think about it.

i guess ive found an alternative to get myself entertained whenever im bored to death. recording! haha. there's the mp3 player for me to record my singing, be it the terrible or acceptable version. so... i was singing one of agnes monica's song earlier. and my cuz said it sounded nice while my sis commented that my voice sounded kiddish. oh well. im starting to eat crab. blame the rainy weather. always make my mind function abnormally.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

So the first week of school was full of excitement, along with some anxiety. Rather. It was exciting cos we got the cabin classroom! Yay! Albeit that, ours is not so cold compared to the triple science classes. Bias. My sentiment is that ours is sort of a rejected cabin. Other cabins own 4 air-conditioners. Ours has only three, plus the fact that other cabins have the remote controllers but not ours. This means we have been turning on the air conditioners manually. Ahaks. There's the missing tile underneath the rooftop to boot. Nevertheless this has given us the idea of storing our books at the rooftops. Ssssshhhhh... We are no more allowed to leave any books in school, you see. Not forgetting too that outside our cabin, a large area of the ground is covered by algae. Since it has been raining lately, one has to walk cautiously so as not to slip on the slippery surface. This is so bothersome. My friends and I had even thought of scrubbing it off. But come to think of it, why should we when it's not our job.

And what then, causes the anxiety? 'O' levels lah. Duh. The teachers could not be any more threatening right? Grr. But I want to pass this phase as soon as possible. I can't wait to continue after secondary school life as what I've planned. Cheybah.

Oh guess what, my Amaths teacher is one sarcastic witch. Minus the 'W' and add a letter of your choice if you want to. She acts as if she can't be bothered to teach us how to do some of the questions we asked from the holiday assignments. Doesn't she know that we used to have fantastic Amaths teachers for the past year? That is why we are sooooo good in this subject. Bleargh. Looks like I'm the sarcastic bitch here. Oops. Whatever... I hate school.

So finally, Friday is here. It's time to replenish those beauty sleep babeh~ Aight, I'm outta here.

Till death do us apart.

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

On the 1st of January 2005, I was the joyous person on Earth. Just as I thought no one would accompany me meet my boy friend (as in a friend who's a boy), my lovely wani actually called me up to say that she was all free yesterday. So, yay! We met at amk mrt and then set off to bugis together. Since we had arrived a lil bit too early, we decided to window shop while waiting for him. Once he showed up, we walked to sim lim through the bugis street.

That was when I was forced to believe that he was really getting me the mp3 player. In fact I already deemed from the start that whatever he told me was the truth - since he can't afford to get me an iPod, he'd get for me an mp3 instead. So in the mall, we were going round the shops for mp3 players that interest me. Yeah, he gave me the green light to decide for myself. Gosh, I felt so awed.

So I chose this recommended Shiro brand which features 256mb of music files. I had wanted to decide on Creative initially but the shop owner said that shiro's sound quality was even better. He even tested it on the stereo speakers and boy, what he claimed was totally right. Another feature that attracted me was the different backlight selection that will change everytime you press on any of the buttons. Cool aye. Soon my boy friend paid for it.

I was not lapping up whatsoever. In fact I felt so bad that he spent on me even though I'm only his friend, not more than that. Haiz, guys, this is simply a friend who's one in a million aight. This type is hard to come by. Not like he's a very rich person, it's just his generous thoughts plus a kind heart that didn't make him think twice to spend on his friends.

After buying the mp3 player, the 3 of us sat down at burger king to eat. Again, he treated us. That costed about 16 bucks aye. And his money didn't end there. After eating we walked again to Shaw Towers to catch Meet The Focker. Damn, was it hilarious!! I was laughing throughout the movie, laughing cos the movie was focking funny and laughing at the audiences who possessed focking terrible laughs! Haha. And yea, he paid for the 3 of us. And it was a Saturday, which means 1 ticket costs $8.50. Gosh. I guess he spent approximately 300 bucks just for yesterday's outing.

Since I wanted to watch the match between Liverpool and Chelsea that night, we went home straight after the movie. It was already the 60th minute when I breezed in. And there wasn't even one goal. Anyhow, judging from pool's performance and with Baros's and Alonso's absence due to injuries, I was adamant Chelsea would go home as the winner. I was busy working on the mp3 when Chelsea's Joe Cole forthwith shot a goal in. And the final score, Liverpool - 0, Chelsea - 1.

So to abridge this entry (heh, it's already lengthy), yesterday was felicity and today is misery. Why? Cos I'm going back to school tomorrow. AAArrrGGGhhh! Somebody savvveee meeee!!!!!!

Oh to my cousins, if any of u is reading this, please don't blurt this out to my mum. Thanks!!

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