Friday, December 31, 2004

The rainy night, even the day, has been making me yawn thus resulting in heavy eyes. Maybe this is it. God wants us to spare a thought for the tsunami victims. This year will end not with a bang but with many a whimper.
I thought many countdown parties would not take place. But I saw loads of them getting dressed up, bringing their whatever nots with them to celebrate the new year albeit the deluge.

And I heard permits for such parties had been pulled. Yeah, some may think that this is inappropriate. Can I please consider them as absent minded? In the midsts of much death and destruction, reverie seems out of place. I for one will not be celebrating anything. My heart is heavy still. Heh, I'm getting a bit emo here.
Then again I feel useless for not standing up and making myself counted. Perhaps I'm too lazy to do my part? I don't know. I only had feelings of gratification and could only offer my condolences to those affected.

I really hope that through the contributions and help of others, the sufferings of the victims will be alleviated and may they recover quickly from the tragedy.

Till then, we will bid this year goodbye and say hello to a brand new year.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well Singapore did amaze me with their fascinating display on the pitch earlier on. It's been some time since I last saw Singapore national football team as what they used to be in the past. (During the glorious days of Fandi Ahmad). Oh yeah. I finally got to sit my bums tight on the chair without moving about in the house while the game was playing on. She does have a Beckham on the making huh. Shahril Ishak. That was a superb cross which even made my Dad go wild. Wooh scary. Oh well fresh faces make a fresh team. Take that Aide out man.

So like I said to my sister, come saturday, she must vie for top-of-the-table Chelsea and myself, the unpredictable Liverpool.

Me: Baros She: Drogba/Gudjohnsen
Me: Gerrard/Hamann/Alonso She: Duff/Robben/Makelele
Me: Carragher/Hyypia She: Terry/Ferreira

Hahaha. Being a Liverpool supporter too, she's sure raging mad now. Are we betting anyway? Nah, risky thang to do for a low in value person like me.

Of course, it'd be something unanticipated if Liverpool defeats Chelsea come the new year. Never mind of them playing at home. Wah, a Liverpool fan indeed.


Nevertheless, bring on the Blues!!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Damn! The cameraman is hell of a cutie! Definitely worth swooning over. Ahaks. Okay this just explains that I'm...tired. See, I was even too tired to smile.
But the day before I was all hyped up...
Gosh, I was already missing the cameraman. Why didn't I get his number?! Bleargh. Even my tiredness has made me gone nuts.
And of course there are a few more pictures that I managed to snap on my fotopage...

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

yesterday marked the last band prac for the year '04. weehee! kinda had a "celebration" after that. walked all the way from school to cck stadium and started off with gyming. spent another hour or so there before going down to the pool.

wooh. it's been years man. i esp loved the waves. the slide didnt function too well i guess. it'd been better if the water in it was gushing lickety-split. besides there was a spa pool too. coolios. we spent more than 2 hours in the water and finally got out when our bodies couldn't stand the cold no more. changed up and finally left the pool area.

walked again to Limbang's macdonalds and got ourselves the chicken foldover meal. didnt see our school mate this time round. haha. i ate gluttonly, for sure. lapar beb. havent eaten since morning. while we were nearing the end of our breakfast cum lunch cum dinner (?), I called up my bro to meet us at mac. then we accompanied kiki to the traffic light and then me n bro went to our cousin's house.

mum, dad n my lil bro were there already. my cuz is getting married this sunday so the purpose of them going there was that. my cousin brother kept teasing me about his friend who claimed to be my "boyfriend". that was just a fiasco to ruse my cousin brother's fiancee lah. haiyah. oh and he had ordered 2 boxes of pizza. wa piang. i felt so bloated even before i could finish one slice of them.

oh and i thought i could escape from being the kendarat on the wedding day. but my aunt had actually brought up the question to me. ive thought of just going around taking pictures and all. i love that. but i cldnt possibly say no to her right. it's none other than my relative's wedding. what if come my turn to get married (sheesh), my own relative reacts that way? id prolly feel small hearted. it's ok. i'm in need of money anyway. gees. i think too much, don't i?

but another thing that's somehow bothering me is that my close cousin will not be at the wedding ceremony cos she has to work. haiyah. it'd be drab without her around man. gess. how many haiyahs have i used in this entry?

well. im staying at home today. conserving energy for sunday. cam rrrreeeaall je aku ni. so i'll not be following my fam to my auntie's to see her newly-born baby and my cousin's who's holding a kenduri for his circumcision. haiyah. busy betul lah sedare2 aku ni.

okay. i'm off to bathe now. ahaks.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

I've been on a bloghopping frenzy for the past few days. You know, just to read up on other people's life and see how they are dealing with it.

I was reading this particular person's blog and I thought I liked it a lot. Wanna know why? I love her way of writing, her English standard, and basically how she organises her thoughts nicely. A very mature writer indeed. I wish to be of that kind.

And the one I've just read, she's currently in a romantic mood. Obviously because she's just started a relationship with a well-off man I supposed; the car that he owns, the diamond necklace, ring or whatever valuables she said he had given to her in just 2 months of relationship. I'm always used to execrating people telling about their love life cos as what it may seem to me, they are either exagerrated or another reality check is needed somehow. The all too familiar "I will love so and so forever" only exists in the fantasy world.

But this person's love story is neither deep nor subtle; everything's right on the surface, for anybody to see. And that's the main attraction for me. Despite it being a wee bit cliched and over-rated (sue me for hating love), I still found it to be one of the realities of life and not fantasy. So congrats girl, you made me change a bit of my perception on this though not at a great portion. Haha.

Aight enough of this bloghopping thingy. I guess I've just passed my swinging mood this whole afternoon. Glad that the only victims were my sister and brother though. Muahahaha. Okay, I'm evil. I was shouting at them whenever they asked me any questions, sounding as if I had chronic laryngitis when in fact I'm not sick. Oh well here comes my favourite phrase, "Blame The Hormones". Haha. My sis is searching for her speckies. Actually I know where it's hiding. Heck, this should teach her a lesson to not just dump her specs anywhere she likes. Bleargh.

Oh and talking about wonders of the world, I actually did my Add Maths assignment and it took me a hell long time just to attempt one question. Blame the holidays for rotting my mind. Anyway, yay, I'm getting help from someone.

Another thing, I think I'm having trouble talking lovey dovingly in such a sweetos manner to a guy. This was proven yesterday night. It's been some time yeah.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Met this cute guy this afternoon while on my way to my auntie's. Drools. Haha. It feels kinda boring/lonely sometimes without having someone close to you. Then again, I don't wish to get involve in a relationship. Then again, I feel jealous whenever I see couples holding hands, behaving so intimately and such. What the hell. I'm feeling a bit restless since I attended my cousin's engagement ceremony. Blame the hormones. Ate a lot. Blame the hormones. Occasional mood swings. Again, blame the hormones.

Oh and I simply can't stand people who send MMS messages from my phone without asking for my permission. And the fact that they deny doing that adds to my bitterness. My bill is for sure gonna cost a bomb. And it's not like they're gonna help me pay for it??! I do have a resolution for these people though. Get yourself a camera phone. Or even a digital camera. So you guys do not need to depend on the low quality of the camera phone to flaunt your prettyness/handsomeness (I know there ain't such words) on the device itself. Heck. Pure ignorance has definitely, absolutely, undoubtedly blinded their sight or thoughts or whatever.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I don't usually update my blog but when I do, it's gonna be long. I think. Heh. Hmm so


I woke up unusually early to get ready to go for Band prac. Met up with Sak, Nizal and Fad at Mcdonalds. Today's prac was such a bore with all the babblings from Sir. I was sleeping with my eyes open all the while though. After Band, stayed back for a while to listen to some Band songs. Got Spongebob Squarepants some more. Haha. Cutesy. A few minutes past 1, I walked out of school with Sak and off we go to the gym at CCK Sports Hall. We spent about an hour plus there and then walked again to Limbang's Mcdonalds. Over there we were quite surprised to see our school mate. And so we ordered waffle cone from her. Tell me then, what's the use of heading to the gym beforehand? LOL.

After sitting there for some time, we then walked back to Lot 1. Checked out the prices for the swimming costumes at certain shops. Cos we had planned to go swimming after working out next week. Haha. We were just jealous watching peeps having fun in the water lah. As in not that dirty kind of fun lah. Obviously cos majority were small lil' kids. Haha. So after that we walked out of the mall and then another soul approached us for donation. Including last week, we already donated about 20 bucks? Yeah. There goes my money. And her money. The donation thing costed 5 bucks but we only had 4 bucks in total and so that sorta kind soul actually decided to chip in another dollar for us. So yeah. Then we just sat and relaxed near the MRT control station. A few minutes later, Aiman, Nizal, Fad plus an extra Xuan Tong joined us. Chatted for some time before I finally went home.

When I reached home, mommy dearest had asked me to follow her to Woodlands Town Centre as she wanted me to help her carry the stuffs later on. I tagged along although I was so reluctant. Wanna know why? I wanted to eat! LOL. First thing we did when we reached there was eat! At KFC! And I ate a lot! Hahaha. And then I suddenly remembered that I had just lost some calories and now I was gaining them back. Sheesh. Well at least we walked or rather strolled for a long time along the shops after that.

We finally took the cab home after all the shopping done. I was damn shagged out. My face looked like some idiot I guess. It always does whenever I'm tired. But who cares anyway. It's my face afterall. Oh fuck wth am I talking about. Hmm whatever I think it's time for me to stop. This entry is getting boring anyway...

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Headed down to town today.
Total money left: $2 and a few cents.
Total expenses this week: 100 over dollars. MY GOODNESS!
Things bought: 2 long sleeve shirts from FOX. A tshirt from Mango. A headband from 77th Street. 3/4 khaki pants. black plastic earrings and rubber bangles at Ice Lemon Tea. Not forgetting money spent on food and drinks.
Things in mind: multicoloured snowcap at Winter shop. black rimmed shades, side bag, shell necklace and oh fish, lots more!

Yesterday's freaky incident...
Walking to the MRT station, a red car suddenly swoved past. Saw a young driver with his sunglasses on. Stared and smiled pervertishly at me. Rolled my eyes. Thought he was going to park his car. Instead he made a one-round turn at the bend and stopped behind me. He called me. I acted busy with my cellphone. He continued to shout for me. MY GOODNESS! I walked even faster. Phew. Luckily he didn't follow me to the MRT station.
Today's unexpected incident:
Saw ex Bpians at Far East. Saw this cute mat saleh who looked like my crush at Heeren. A lady approached us regarding a part-time modelling thingy. Policemen who were supposed to patrol the place were actually being miang. And yeah. Minahs tak puas hati~ Rolling their eyes at me. Staring at me like they were gonna eat me up.
Today's expected incident:
Money eventually go *poof*

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Raya collection is getting lesser by the day. Wahah. Yesterday I bought 2 shirts which costed 52 bucks and I got another one free. Worth it arh. Damn it. I saw another pair of shades at 77th street i think, and it's so preeettyyfull!! It's only 15 bucks but well, I must learn to say "NO!" to spending. Macam say "no" to drugs plak. Hahaha. Oh and I saw this corduroy pants too. Haiz. And the plain pink tees, khaki pants and skirts that I've been wanting to buy... At the same time I have to set aside some money for new contact lenses. Haiyah. I can't seem to be able to put on my glasses when I'm outside lah.

Oh well. I'm bored. Bored as bored can be. But tomorrow will come. Haiz. Money will have to be forked out again. Hahah. I think I need somewhat like a sugardaddy arh. Oh sheesh. Hmph. I need money man~ But I'm lazy to work. I guess when I grow up I just need to marry a rich man. Wahahahaha.

Oh that brings me to the thought that I should only fall in love with the one and only for once when I reach the ripe age of 19. Hehe. Dah plan sey. As for now, God forbid! May I not fall in love. Hahaha.

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