Monday, November 29, 2004

2 more days to the final showdown on 5! To those who don't have the tix to catch Taufik and Sly live at the Indoor Stadium, don't worry. Both will still rock our TV screens. I don't see Sly being able to represent Singapore in World Idol tho. Sorry no offence yah.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Urgh. My pubic area seems to hurt these few days. And I've been waiting for my period to come. One month's gonna past already. Ive never missed my mensus so far. Haiz. What happen sia. And Ive been having weird, disgusting dreams... Sheesh. *YUCKS* And that guy's face is still fresh in my mind. *DOUBLE YUCKS* Any meaning to this? I hope it stays as a dream and tats it. Urgh. Ewwww. So disgusting. Argh. Whatever. Hope u ppl never read this. Sorry im just open minded.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

This feeling just sucks. It's the holidays and yet I'm thinking of the untouched assignments and revisions that I promised myself to do. Next year is a crucial year. I know I've not been doing too well for the past 3 years. *Slaps myself around for playing a fool right from the start* I've told mom about my wish to go poly instead of JC. I did that despite realising she has been expecting me to be the first among my relatives to make it to JC. I know she thinks very highly of me and that I'm academically way better than her nieces and nephews.

But I guess it's a question of interest and security here. sigh.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Im so so so so tired. I was out rayaing from Saturday to Tuesday consecutively. And today im resting! Phew. The weekends were spent visiting relatives' houses and friends' during the weekdays. Finally met up with my primary school mates again after sucha longgg time. Heh. Some are grown ups already. But. As in physically, not mentally for the boys. Like what they say, girls mature faster than boys. So for that day, we walked from one house to another without taking any public transport. No doubt my feet was so red and painful due to the long hours of walking. At some parts, the guys purposely led us by the long route. And yeah, that was when some feuds began to occur.

The next part was rayaing with my current sch mates. We spent about an hour plus at the first house. Thanks to Farhan who took a long time to get ready. Rayaing with this grp, we had to take the public transports all the time. Took lotsa pictures. Keep visiting my fotopage yeah? Oh almost every house that we went to, there was sure to be mee goreng. Sheesh. Obviously I only ate at the first few houses n jus drank at the rest of the houses.

So we only finished rayaing at night. And when I reached home, my family was waiting for my cousins to come. After that I had to follow them raya at my uncle's. Haiz. By that time my eyes were already steaming badly. So yeah~ Today I had a rather good sleep.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today was a hell boring day. I was at home the whole day n did practically nothing. Woke up after 12. Then ate. Sheesh. What kind of girl am I??!! Then washed up and all. Switched on the computer but I didnt know what to do with it. What the hell. Just as I tot of printing some pictures, my printer didn't work. Bloody shit. Problems after another. Just chatted some ppl up n after that left it to rot (ok it didn't rot, as in literally). I asked mom if I could put on makeup for her as she was going for the dinner n dance with dad. But she rejected. Saying that she didnt want to look too posh and young. haha wth? hmmm ok. so i passed her the camera and asked her to take pictures while she is there. taught her how to operate it n all n it only took abt a minute for her to master everything.
Wooh~ Jus received a phonecall from dad. He won a Takashimaya voucher for da lucky draw!! Woopie~~!!!! Im so excited. I want my retail therapy!!! Hahaha. At least my boredom got paid off.
Oh yah ive been eyeing this particular pair of shades at metro n i tot of buying it once i hav da money. Hope no one has taken it yet.
God, pls help.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

In courtesy of those people who still read my blog, here's just another update. =)

Hmm so this morning was the first after so many days that I woke up for sahur. Haha. Just one more day lei. So after sahur I stayed up to do my morning prayers. And I didnt sleep till 7 cos Mom wanted me to buy can milk for her. Yea so after watching MTV, I got out of the house at around 7.30 and headed down to the nearby shop. And damn, when I reached there the shop wasn't open yet. So I thought of hanging around while waiting for the shop owner to come. But there was no sign of him so I went home.

I reached home and thought of waiting for 8am to arrive but I fell asleep eventually. I finally woke up to the ringing of my handphone. It was already 10am. Mom was babbling away. So with my out-of-bed look (sheesh), I went to the shop again. On the way I was SMSing Akee and planning what time to meet.

As my meeting her was to give her the cake Mom had intended to do, Mom and I started making the cake once I reached home. It smelled niceee~ Haha Mom's cakes have always been nice lah. I liikee. Then at 11+ Mai called me. She asked if I wanted to go town or Geylang. So undecidedly we just met up at Admiralty, looked at some contact lenses and then went to Sun Plaza. Went into an optical shop again before heading to the arcade. Played the percussion thingy and darn, I lost twice to her. Haha. Not my luck I guess. Oh yah today was also the first time that I didn't bring any money with me when I go out. Haha. However I kinda survived on that.
At 1.30 we went out of the mall and took the train to Kranji. Met up with Akee and together we went to CCK. Saw Illya and Azhar there and Mai happened to know them too. After walking around we took the train again and went to Causeway Pt. I don't know why but Mai was laughing her head off (sampai terduduk2) when I asked her about Kumar that she once said she wanted to slap. Hahah. Old story arh tat one. Nvm. Yea so walked around and then we decided to chill at my house since there was no one at home.
Once we reached my place, Mai switched on the PC and then I asked her to help me dye my hair. Haha. I hope it's not too bright. Anyway, heck, next year is gonna be my last year in sec sch. Haha. After she was done with my hair, I started putting on the hooks for my room's curtain. She was happily chatting away in MSN when she actually promised to help me with the curtain before we reached my house. At the same time we were singing the song 'tilt ya head back' by christina and nelly repeatedly sia. Now tat song is stuck in my head. Haiz. After putting up the curtain all by myself, I signed in onto my msn acct. We started to disturb people. Haha. Ok, actually that was her bright idea. I could do nothing about it besides watching. Hmm, to all who have been affected, sorry aye.
Haiz tomorrow I'll be sleeping over at my Grandma's. Haiz. Grandma, grandma... Why must you call us up. Haiz. Nvm lah. Although I'm reluctant to go, I can't possibly say NO right?? Nvm. However leceh it may be to bring all my stuffs there, and get ready for the first day of Raya at someone else's place, I'll go no matter what. Oh. And I can't wait to put on my new contact lens. Hehe.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslims around the globe. From me to you...

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

No fair! I should have been in Geylang. I should have been out having fun. Thanks to Father who was PMS-ing the whole day today. First he rejected Mother's idea of breaking fast at Granny's house and then head to Geylang bazaar. Then he scorned at me when I asked if I could buy raya shoes. Hmm. As a result of that, I've been slacking at home in front of the computer and doing nothing. Pure boredom. Never mind I shall replenish these moments tomorrow.
So we planned to chill out, buy some makeup stuffs and then go back to my house tomorrow. Akee wanted to come here after hearing that I got loads of baju raya in my cupboard. Mind you, the amount can't even fit my big cupboard. Haha. Thanks to auntie who kindly gave me all her baju she wore during her teenage years. And they all looked so new! You wouldn't guess they had been worn before. Haha. Lucky me. Rai said that it's been a long time since she came here. So, yeah. It's better that we stay at someone's house rather than hang out with no sense of direction.
It's 1214 am and I'm not a wee bit sleepy. Liverpool's playing now. I don't feel motivated to watch as I thought the match would be boring (versus Birmingham). Moreover the non-erratic Milan Baros isn't playing! Oh I love him to the core. He's the best player on the making!
Oh 1 week to go and I'm counting down the days. Can't wait to fill my pocket. Haha I thought I should really enjoy this time's raya cos I wouldn't be able to enjoy as much next year due to the 'O' levels.
Ok ok my eyes are steaming already.
So goodnight everyone.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

I guess I'll be starting to blog again.

See ya.

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