Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Today's 2 results plus my malay result mark my promotion to sec 4! Haha. Whatever. Kinda relieved to know that I passed my English. Hmm maybe getting back Chemistry paper after this. I hope to just pass A Maths and Physics cos I know I didn't do well in both. Hmm kinda disappointed at my Literature marks. There was 1 essay that I got a freaking 5 out of 20 marks. Pathetic arh. If not I could have gotten at least a B4. Haiz...

Oh God Yong Sheng just told the class that only 31%, from the first Physics class, passed Chem. *Beginning to lose my confidence* I just hope God will help me again this time.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Weee~ Exams are finally over! Oh before I continue, let me wish all the Muslims out there Selamat Berpuasa. =) Hmm so I've been missing in action for like many months already? Yeah. Kinda miss my computer. Freak sia. Why must it be spoilt when I most need it in times of boredom? Well never mind. Must bug daddy to repair it sooner or later.

Last week we had marking day from Tuesday onwards. Today we're back in school and tomorrow it's marking day again. I wonder what's their motive in asking us to come back today sia. Once we entered the class we just stared at each other. You know like, i-look-at-you-you-look-at-me kind of thing. Boring. If I was at home I'd be snoring away in my comfy bed. Nah just an exagerration. I don't snore. And furthermore daddy already woke me up so early in the morning for sahur. After that I couldn't sleep anymore.

Another thing. We will start getting back our results this week. One thing to decribe my feelings right now: Fear. I don't want to retain! I can't afford to fail English or it'll be the end of me. Haha. I remember Fad said that if she were to retain, she'd be thrown out of her house. Hah thats funny. No no I won't retain. I won't retain.

K lah don't know what to write anymore. Will miss you guys till my PC is well again~

Hah see ya~

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