Sunday, September 05, 2004

Like most other days, I absolutely have nothing useful to do today. Watched tv, listened to music, laid down on my bed, SMS, ate, drank, played the computer and basically just slacked. Absolute boredom there. And I was thinking. It's not even the holidays yet and I'm like this wearied by dullness. Anyway started talking to him again. And thanks to my nick too, (I'm so bored. Somebody amuse me!) some kind soul actually took the initiative to amuse me. Haha. Thanks, dude. Maybe I should put that kind of nick more often. Haha. Strategy, beb!

Oh yeah I thought the party was boring too. While my sec 3 friends got to be the games IC, i had to be part of the game team. Besides that, the performance was a disaster I think. Started practicing in the morning at about 8 and 2 hours later we already have to report in school. Disaster I tell you. Won't do this kind of things again in the future. I guess that's about it arh.

Returning to school tomorrow...

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Got my results back. And I had no reactions to it. Haha maybe because it's just a progress report, and obviously I've not progressed. Anyways, I failed my A Maths and Chemistry. I can rather accept failure for A Maths. But Chem? No. This is one subject that I never fail to pay attention to. *Wah Ms Chow really has some supernatural powers eh* English and Literature were borderline and I scored distinctions for E Maths and Higher Mly. No combined humans. Physics result will be on Monday.
It's the Band's farewell party tomorrow. Dance je lah eh... Pay some tribute to the sec 4s. Haha. That girl also wants to dance and it can only be either me or her. So I told Yong Zhi if she would hold anything against me if I were to be the one dancing. And he laughed. He said: Oh c'mon, don't quarrel again. Things are fine now. Fine otak lu! I just got to know that she complained to Nurul that I called her a bitch and spluttered on her. And it's not only Nurul. I guess the whole Band already knew what happened. Such a piece of shit arh that girl. That was such a big deal to her arh? Can I laugh??
And oh, during Band prac the other day she was showing me this pathetic look. Trying to seek sympathy from others huh. Make me appeal to the people that I was the one in the wrong. What the devil. Things will not ever be fine. At least not until I stop seeing her face.
No mood...

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