Saturday, August 28, 2004

Got to know that he's working as a bartender. Hmm okaaaayyyy.

Gon get a new handphone in 2 wks time. Weeeee~~~~

The class is celebrating Ms Tham's birthday tomorrow. Wonder how it will turn out. Mum agreed to fry fishballs for us. If 35 people are coming, approximately each pax will get to eat 2 fishballs. Haha.

I wanted to buy this kimono shirt just now but the thread had come out. Finally put it back cos it was the last piece. sigh.

Mai was sitting on the floor while I was trying out the clothings. she must has hated my preening and pouting in front of the dressing room mirror as I fished for compliments. wahaha. sorry la girl.

Maybe leaving early after the party 2moro. Maybe accompanying Wani watch Aziz's soccer match. She finally confessed that Halim is a matrep. Haha. Pity her.

Oh yah dudette, pls remember that you haven't studied for your maths test on Monday.

Ok2... I shall go now.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Thanks to those aggravating souls who have stopped getting on my nerves. They must have realised how snappy I've been these days after yesterday's incidence. Oh yes I'm satisfied with myself for slashing all 3 of them (BL, FUGLY BITCH & STONEFISH) with my dynamic-sarcastic words. But this is just the beginning. I'll make sure she deserves more than just words for what she has done!

It's nice being mean sometimes, you know. Life won't be static anymore.

So she was pure lucky that my hands didnt land on her or I can’t imagine what would have happened by now. All thanks to BL. He expected us to engage in a calm and soothing discussion. Fine... I just let my mouth do the talking. Even that she had already cried. Imagine if I had slapped her face yesterday?? Wah peang arh.

Hey peeps, wanna know some funny story? Just capture an image of a girl and a boy, both making their way up the stairs looking so terrific and getting ready to fight. All of a sudden when both came face-to-face with their enemy, they changed to MEEKS! Laugh out loud everyone!!!

BL was trying to be the peacemaker. STONEFISH of course stoned himself and stood at a corner looking so timid while hearing me scorn at each of them. COWARD. FUGLY BITCH was continuously crying. Of course lah, feeling soooo guilty already mah. I was the one who kept releasing my anger and I really felt that it was better if I had talked to the wall. At least the wall would have vibrated due to the pressure from my mouth rather then both STONEFISH & FUGLY BITCH who were either just stoning or crying their hearts out. Was that meant to be a death ceremony? She hasn’t died yet right?? Wrong time lah dey!!

And I tot they were so terror at first? Know what FUGLY BITCH said to her class before they came to see me? “EH PPL!! WANT TO SEE FIGHT OR NOT??!!” Wah... imagine if all her classmates had witnessed the fight, where would she put her face man??? She was crying all the way!! Wahaha. And she thinks I’m stupid just like her. Trying to feign of not knowing it was my instrument she had passed to the rude sec 1 boy. With my intelligence, I played around with my words and she had accidentally admitted that she knew that was my instrument. AAAWWWWW... TOO BAD, BITCH! I think that stupid people don’t have to say a word or they will end up disgracing themselves. OMG!! FUGLY BITCH’S a SCHIZOPHRENIC!! Doctor pls come to the rescue before she dies!! Oh yah how frustrating can it get when she actually LIED that she had forgotten to set my instrument when the thing was already in the rude sec 1 boy’s hand??! How can I not be furious?? She’s suffering from AMNESIA too izzit? Wah pity her man...

I won't ever accept her apology!!

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Just some words of advice for some people out there. I'm getting irritable as days go by, but not normally irritable. I'm feeling irritable on top of and all around and under irritable. So don't ever try to piss me off with your stupid, asinine, lame acts whatsoever.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004


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Friday, August 20, 2004

The week flies sooo fast. Thank God it's Friday! It's been stressful for the past 5 days with test, homework and all. Just this week, we had to sit for 3 tests plus stay back after school to complete our assignments and not forgetting the after-school activities. Phew. Finally done with the dedication thingy. It took us hours to do a 12-min show. Pathetic. I wished I wasnt it it. Simply cos I looked all doinky. And someone claimed that I was PMSing on that day. Whatever.

Stayed back after school again today to catch the Teachers' Day auditions. Band screwed up at the drums I guess. Nothing improved even when Zin came to the rescue. Oh yah I didn't know the guys in my school can sing. And I mean exceptionally well. There was this guy from 403 and when he started singing Ronan Keating's When You Say Nothing At All, everyone just stopped to look at him. K maybe, most of them.

Went to Lot 1 after that. Did some window shopping and finally bought a cake before heading home. I couldnt let my temptation grow any more since I was fasting. Haha. *drools*

When I reached Admiralty, there was this malay lad holding a donation thing in his hand. He came up to me.

He: Assalamualaikum, kak... Saya (bla bla bla) ...

Then I cut in.

Me: Saya bukan kak..

He didnt care. He continued talking non-stop. Or was it that he didnt hear wat I said.

So I just put on a i-cldnt-care-less face while he was explaining and all. After he has finished, I just said "Sorry, I'm not donating." And he walked off with this pissified or disappointed look.

Stupid idiot.

Don't tell God how big your storm is. Tell your storm how BIG God is.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

So yesterday was such a coincidental day. Went home at 10am after physics class. Cos I simply can't stand some people. I had the urge to go for Band after that but some bitch just spoilt my mood early in the morning. Fine I shan't talk abt it before all the vulgarities flood this entry.

Then I called Wani to plan for the rest of our day. We decided to study at Civics while waiting for dad to return from work. In the library I met some people. First it was this group of Chinese peeps who wanted to share the table with us. Obviously we didn't mind. K then all the while we minded our own business arh.

After that Halim called Wani to ask where we were. And a few minutes later he came up to us with his friend. Such a joker lah he. Wani and I were laughing at him when he started talking to the Chinese peeps in front of us. He thought that they were our friends and dgn selambanye he asked for their names and all. Haha. Dorang pon main layan je.

While the atmosphere was heating up I had asked one of the peeps if all of them were from Bowen. And they said yes. And I told them that I admire their school band. And the girls said, "There! This is our band leader!" Haha. The guy was juz like paiseh2 like that. Haha. Halim was so irritating and eventually I had asked him to bugger cos they were trying to concentrate on their studies.

Then on the way to the toilet I chanced upon Akee's bro and so I looked out for Akee if she was there too. After that went up to her and chatted for a while. Oh yah I saw Iza, Shaheen and Zahari. Went back to our seats and I saw my ex's friend. Wani and I finally went off when dad called me on the handphone.

Went down to the interchange and we headed to Tampines together. Straightaway broke my fast once I reached our destination. Hmm nice food~ But the karaoke and games sessions were boring maybe cos they were Chinese-dominated.

At abt 9 I finally decided to go to my aunt's apartment to catch the match between Spurs and Liverpool. As I had expected, Cisse scored again. But what I didnt expect was Baros underperformance.

Even before the match ended, went down again and met up with my cousins. I was so shocked when he asked, "Eh dillah, u smoke right?" Like what?? Well I used to last time before my parents caught me. Even that id jus consider myself a social smoker lah. Eventually I followed them to a nearby block. To smoke. But I didnt. Juz accompanied them. Hmm.. after that I ate again before clearing up the place.

At abt 11+, took a cab home.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Great. Juvenile's Slow Motion is playing on the radio. Perfect if dedicated to my class. Always moving very slowly. But just the chorus part lah.

Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move it slow motion for me
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move it slow motion for me
Uh I like it like that she working that back I don't know how to act
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, slow motion for me
Move it slow motion for me
Uh I like it like that she working that back I don't know how to act
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, slow motion for me
Move it slow motion for me

[ Akee ] She cried cos she was scolded for tucking out her shirt. And Tan was like, I respect Band members but bla bla bla...

Oh mum juz bought pretty undies for me. Lol.

Packed schedule for tomorrow. Unfree from morning till night. Band, then physics remedial, then tuition, then have to attend the dinner at Tampines.

That guy sucks. As if he's that great. Bleargh. Whatever lah. Approximately 1 more year to go before all this shit ends. Oh man, can't wait.

I love Ashlee Simpson's hair!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The teacher's day dedication thingy was merely irksome. It took the class a hell long time to decide what to do and at the end of it all, they decided to cancel everything since it looked DEAD. Like how many people turned up for the shoot? I know a lot of the boys escaped. Nizal dashed out of the class cos he was so pissed by our classmates' reactions when he told them to act. Where's their enthusiasm man. It's for the teachers, hello? It's just a token of appreciation for them. I don't understand why our class has to be so absurd when other classes can really unite and cooperate. And the thing is, this has been going on since sec 1... Haiz. Pei Shan kept apologising to us for holding us down when our CCAs were going on but apologizing didnt help to solve matters, did it? Even the guy who was taking the video had a dreary look on his face. Why wouldn't he? He had to wait for more than an hour just for us to get ready. Pity him. Ultimately the so-called effort we put in to make the lifeless show was just a waste cos we are doing a new one tomorrow. Wonder if I should join in. Well, if their attitude change then I wouldn't mind.

Actually they had insisted on finishing the video by today but in the mean time people were already strolling out of the class, including me. Once again Pei Shan tried to hold us back by apologising to us. Being the polite girl that I am, I just told her that I should be the one making the apology cos I couldnt spare anymore time for the shoot. It was just that I couldn't stand the state the class was in at that moment. And so I walked down the stairs with Rai. On the way we saw Fad who had just finished being scolded by Tiger. We went up to her and realised that she had been crying. When I asked what Tiger scolded her for, she only uttered the word, 'Band'. Like what has Band got to do with him? That didn't seem right.

After that the 3 of us walked out of school. Rai wanted to escape from her netball prac so we had to block her from being seen by the netballers and the coach. She made it out of school eventually. Haha. While we were waiting for the bus, Fad suddenly said that she had the urge to go for Band. And so left with Rai and myself.

As usual, took the train ride alone. I was so proud of myself for bringing only papers and worksheets to school every other day till I realised that I had forgotten to bring home my foolscape paper today. And now I have to type my essay using this fucked up com. Suey.

Oh great. Weekends are nearing again!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why does the night seem so dead? So not my kind of night.

MSN is getting a bit boring here. Especially with people who put themselves as online but then do not wanna chat or they are busy. What's up with that.

And so I SMSed somebody. He did reply but it took ages for him to do so. Why? He's out enjoying himself. Me? Staring at the computer screen, having no idea of what to do.

My friends are going away. Either to NS or migrate elsewhere. Why? Isn't Singapore good enough?

And so I've finished 3/4 of my homework. Quite an achievement.

One thing that's left to do is farkin clean up my room before animals start to appear. EEEEkkkkk.

Not a wee bit sleepy. And it's gonna be 11 soon. Maybe mum's aromatheraphy might help.

Fasting tomorrow but I'm not gonna sahur. Rather cherish my sleep.

Finally I'm running out of ideas of what to write.

So yeah, peace out yoh.

Step hippie plak...

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Monday, August 09, 2004

Grrr. I'm so bored. Juz finished eating and now I'm back to my loyal friend. Aiyah. Wani already got a new phone. When's my turn? Haiz. Wat sey. Homework? Alah no mood to do homework lah. Tomorrow can rush through all of them. Eh tonight is the debut of Singapore Idol. Heh. Cool2. Ive been waiting for it for some time and it's finally here! I seriously dont know what to do right now. Ive already downloaded songs but still...what to do next? I wish I could meet up with old pals. But what to do... They've already forgotten me. Haiz. My bros are back! Shit. Quarrels will start again.

Hmm. Let's talk about yesterday. I attended this wedding which was so urm, boring. Heh, no offence. The atmosphere wasn't lively at all and the typa music featured was Dangdut. Where there's dangdut, Alias Kadir and Mazni will be there. Mazni seemed so cheap and hello, dangdut makes you sound even cheaper. Grr. Alias thinks he's great but sadly, he's actually not. I wouldnt have attended the wedding if my parents hadnt forced me to.

Know what. I'd love to clean up my room but I guess I need some motivation. Hahaha. Crap. It's like sooo dirty. I guess it's dirtier and messier than a typical bachelor's room. Hahaha. Hmm. I'd also love to be a good daughter. Help my mum out and all, but don't know what's happening to me. Slacking a lot nowadays.

Somebody pls pls save me!!

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Whoah life is almost perfect for me. In the morning I had a family outing in Yishun. Not a full family outing tho cos my 2 bros are currently holidaying in Malaysia. Pegi Dhanga Bay tak ajak sey... :( Supposedly we were only to find the shop that sells sewing stuffs and after that go eat, but my mum and I had chanced upon this shop which sells nice Raya clothes so we decided to drop in. I tried on 3 black baju and it was sooo nice!! I would wanna buy all 3 but then my sis also wanted to buy one so I had to choose one of them. The baju kurung is damn nice man, especially since it's black. Haha. So mum said just buy 3 more baju for Raya. Haha. So happy. After that go eat lah, although I was already so full after eating Fillet-O-Fish for breakfast.

Once I returned home, relaxed for a while and then went out again. Went to the gym at CCK stadium this time. And guess what, over there we saw Hermi Ali (the guy who participated in Anugerah). Every now and then he would look at us siak. Haha. Budden he didnt go to the guys' side. Don't know why. Spent like an hour plus after that went shopping at Lot 1. We first headed to Bossini and Akee and I had decided to buy this V-neck tank top which is yellow in colour. So nice and striking. Hehe. Then we went to Fond Hugs. Over there we were trying on all the skimpy dresses. Haha. So nice. I guess we tried like more then 5 dresses but bought none. Haha. Pity that salesgirl but she was so friendly. I like. Anyway the dresses were too costly so no choice arh. I plan to save money and buy one of them tho.

I think I'd be able to fulfill my wish since I vow to fast for 25 days starting from when shool reopens. Haha, not on diet puposes but I have to replace the days when I couldn't fast. At the same time I'm trying to lose weight. That was why Sak and I decided to head to the gym every weekend.

Haha. Semangat sey!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Lessons today were soporific. First it was the lining up in the field to make sure everything goes well on the National Day celebration. Then it was E Maths. As usual, Mr Sim would philosophise for a period and only teach in the next period. While he was rambling I was busy finishing up my past assignments. Next was Chemistry. Ms Chow was like saying that we are insulting her as a teacher, setter and a marker for giving her such disappointing results. She was also telling us that we might have to drop pure sciences and do combined science instead if we continue to underperform. Haiz, gotta buck up man.

After that, Social Studies. Tiger always assume that his lessons are interesting but hell no! I only feel like dozing off everytime he starts teaching. Oh yah, who can stand a teacher who talks as if he's shouting and always look on the ground when he teaches? Grr. Then it was recess. People were busy commenting on my hair. Bad-hair-day that is. Grr.After recess went straight to AVA theathrette for History lesson. Again, it was boring. Except for the times before Ms Tay came in. Had some fun with the people around me. Holiday assignments began piling up when she handed us the essay question.

Then, physics. as usual lah. Boring. But amazingly I actually paid attention and could attempt the questions Chiam gave us. Weeeee~ Finally, a period of Malay. As per normal lah. I was minding my own business. That cross-eyed again showed off his grad certs or whatever to us. Damn show-off man.

After school I was just hanging out with the peeps and chilling to the mp3 songs. In the mean time I was looking out for him. Argh. He looks cute whenever he smiles. Oh he's so fine, he's so cool, he blows my mind. Sheesh. After that went for Band though I was reluctant to. Shoot a video for Teacher's Day dedication and then practiced for the last time.

Happy advance National Day, people!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"So long as I'm concerned, this is the worst class ever!" "None of you in this class can carry the job as a leader!" Or something like that. First period we already got a scolding from Tiger. Our class chairman didn't go for the meeting when she was supposed to. And the meeting was rather important cos it concerned our standing arrangement in the field on National Day celebration. Haiz. Pity Pei Shan. She's a responsible girl but today the berate must surely have affected her so much. Looks like Tiger is serious in getting us to change the chairman. Just because of one mistake? Can't he just tell us personally on where we are supposed to stand? Why make a big fuss out of it siak? He's such a fugly bast*ard lah. He just is.

Then just now I slacked during the NDP rehearsal. Fall-out halfway through the rehearsal cos I felt my chest hurt. It was so excruciatingly hot and moreover I wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I'd be fine by Friday.

Seems like I've been doing Sastera every week.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My feet hurt. I was wearing the still-wet-since-sunday shoes and now my skin looks chapped. It hurts. I can't walk properly. Well today I was late again. Or actually not. Just that sak, rai and myself were the last three to be let into the school before the gate closed. We had to run halfway through our journey and once I lined up with the class, I was kinda panting. I feel bad cos they were waiting for me like 10mins and ended up running with me to school. Haiz... Sorry, guys! From tomorrow onwards, ya'll shall go to school without me if I still haven't arrived by 7.15. Haha.

Gon watch Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam later. Haha. I had watched the first part at akee's place and the scenes freaked me out most of the time. So... I had planned to watch it with mum tonight! Provided I finish doing my emaths assignments.

Tomorrow NDP rehearsal. Damn. It's so tiring when you have to stand still with the instrument in your hands and wait for 1/2 an hour or more. After that we still have to re-perform the Band Comp. display for the school. Sir said that we have to prove to the school that we were supposedly capable of winning the Gold award. Whatever lah eh.

Argghh!! I still haven't memorised my scores. Nurul's gonna be mad at me again.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

I didn't go to school today cos it was already 7 when I woke up. Muahahahaha. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to laugh. Playing truant is a serious matter ain't it? Haha whatever. I can't afford to be late anymore. I don't know how many times have I been late already. But it's a miracle that I've never reported myself to Tiger and yet not get caught. Hmm.

Actually I slept early last night. At about 11.30. Yea, that's my earliest sleeping time. Mum too didn't wake up maybe cos she was so fagged after having had a long day yesterday. My relatives had come to my house to do some recording. They were back only at 11pm. At the same time my cousins and uncle were pestering me to sing! Sheesh. I've not been karaoke-ing for quite some time so I didn't have quite the confidence I guess. The other day when I was at my auntie's again they had forced me to sing. Then I ended up running into my lil cousin's room. It was funny. Arrghh. I wouldn't mind if I had a nice voice.

You laugh at me cos I'm different. I laugh at you cos you're all the same.

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